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Artisan Easter eggs: the most beautiful (and best) of 2024 – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Artisan Easter eggs: the most beautiful (and best) of 2024

There must be at least one at the table: handcrafted chocolate Easter eggs are among the most anticipated of the party. Because the egg is the symbol par excellence of new life and rebirth, and because the maître chocolatiers have transformed them into real artwork.

The contemporary evolution of an ancient custom, consolidated in the medieval period: Even back then, decorated eggs were exchanged during the Easter period. But it is thanks to the master chocolatiers of Turin that these eggs are now made of chocolate. They were the first to propose handcrafted chocolate Easter eggsat the beginning of the 1900s, and have been unmissable ever since.

Every year a surprise, because the chocolate artisans offer always different creations, with very fine chocolate and spectacular decorations that give emotions even just by looking at them. Here are some of the most beautiful (and best) of this Easter.

Handcrafted Easter eggs 2024

The artisan panettone surpasses the industrial one – Italian Cuisine

The artisan panettone surpasses the industrial one

It happens for the first time and it is an overtaking in economic terms. It is mainly young people who buy artisan panettone and increasingly also through e-commerce

The Christmas 2019 marked a turning point on the panettone. That artisanal last year it reached and passed the industrial panettone: it did, if not on the quantities sold, on the commercial value. To say this is a research carried out by CSM Bakery Solutions, active in the pastry and bakery sector and creator of the competition panettone Day, in collaboration with Nielsen, intercepting a trend that could continue to grow this year and in the future: in a market of 26.1 thousand tons and 209 million euros of panettone, the proposal artisanal grows to cover the 52% of the sub-fund value and settling a 109 million euros compared to the industrialist who retreats.

The number of families (especially young people) who buy artisanal panettone is increasing

On 9.5 million households who consume panettone, 2.4 million those who buy it artisanal with a growth of + 5.3% compared to 2018, as it led the market for the first time artisanal to overcome the economic value of the industrial one.

I'm 120 thousand families who for the first time have chosen to buy a panettone artisanal and among the new buyers the most relevant band is the one included between 25 and 34 years, Resident in central Italy, who puts first the search for a quality product, before the price, preferring Italian, sustainable and ethical brands and ingredients.

The number of households consuming exclusively panettone industrial instead, it dropped considerably by – 420 thousand compared to the previous year. Numerous families (+ 150 thousand) who have approached the consumption of both categories: artisanal and industrial.

Why do you buy an artisan panettone

The main drivers that push consumers to purchase panettone handcrafted are: presents for anniversaries, a packaging nice presentation of the product, i advice of friends and relatives as well as reviews on the web. For consumers i panettone craftsmanship are a guarantee of quality and 60% declare that they only buy from trusted shops, As well as driven by notoriety of the pastry chef, famous or contest winner.

The push for the future: premium references also in the industrial sector, e-commerce for the artisan

For the industrial market, the price leverage, with the activation of special promos, combined with a greater assortment available on the shelf, but without neglecting the possibility of increasing one's proposals for premium references, which represent the only growing segment of the category.

The market artisanal Instead, it presents potential growth that passes through three key concepts: choice of tastes (and enhancement of local recipes), extreme care of the packaging and enhancement and expansion of the different distribution channels. In addition to in-store purchases, there is space fore-commerce preferred by 20% of customers, an indication of a strong digitization of habits that is affecting the world of Italian pastry, including small workshops.

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The best artisan panettone in Italy – Italian Cuisine

The best artisan panettone in Italy

Here are three winners at Panettone Day, the competition that awarded the best artisan panettone

They are young, enterprising and visionaries: their names are Gianluca, Barbara and Magda, the three guys who won first place at Panettone Day, the competition for the best panettone, in the traditional, Ruby chocolate and creative categories. The event, now in its eighth edition, was chaired by the great pastry chef Iginio Massari and every year wants to reward the Italian artisan quality in pastry. The award ceremony was held last October by Cracco Bistrot in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.

Who are Gianluca, Barbara and Magda

Of the three boys, only Magda Fasciglione she is a daughter of art: her family owns a pastry shop in Bra, in the province of Cuneo and there Magda has always breathed the intense scent of leavened products and the pleasure of dough. "I have confectionery in my DNA, I have always followed mum and dad, I am happy to carry on their dream, the dream of my family for generations – Magda told us – and now this recognition is a bit of confirmation that my road is the right one. We spent the April lockdown experimenting with all the possible variations on the classic panettone, up to the point to a version in which butter, coffee and Gold chocolate have bewitched the jury. Now I have even more desire to create new types of this dessert which for me remains the most eclectic of all .

He did it himself instead Gianluca Prete, pastry chef of the Fumagalli pastry shop in the province of Como. The first place in the Panettone Day contest was won by experimenting with yeast, until obtaining a panettone higher than all the others, softer and incredibly melt-in-the-mouth. «I have a classical training, cream puffs, leavened products and mignon pastries. But my obsession has always been panettone, because I find it a truly innovative product, with which you can do a lot of research. Now I have one more reason to continue my journey .

The pastry shop entered Barbara Braghero's life by chance, since, to follow the love that brought her to Sicily, she, who has always lived in Turin, she invented a profession and now leads the pastry shop Stories of a grain of wheat with her husband in Fiumefreddo, in the province of Catania. Winner of the Ruby Chocolate Panettone category, she says that she has made pink chocolate her philosophy of life. «With our work we are creators of emotions, and which product more than chocolate and, specifically the Ruby variety, is suitable for achieving this goal? Pink chocolate also has a delicacy and freshness that make it perfect for many combinations. I can't do without it anymore "he concludes.

For everyone, the Panettone Day contest was a good showcase to make themselves known, to test themselves and to learn the strict rules of pastry, which remains the most beautiful profession in the world, to be carried out with love and not passion, which, like says Maestro Massari, sooner or later it fades and disappears.

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