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An Austrian cheese brand celebrates the masterpieces of art – Italian Cuisine

An Austrian cheese brand celebrates the masterpieces of art

The Salzburg Milch brand of dairy products transforms cheese sandwiches into famous works of art. that's how

In the enchanting setting of Salzburg, an Austrian city surrounded by the Eastern Alps, the many dairy products from the Salzburg Milch. This leading company in the sector, with a branch also in Italy, is the third largest dairy in Austria and has the record of having reached 190 million euros in turnover in 2016. The company stands out for its wide offer, 100% natural and non-GMO, which also includes a biological and UHT line of milk, yogurt and cheese, but also for the quality of the milk used. This is in fact characterized by the pure and rich taste and by the origin of local family farms where high levels of animal welfare are guaranteed and certified.
In a recent advertising campaign the Salzburg Milch decided to focus on creativity and pay homage to the art world with a series of small edible reproductions of great masterpieces.

Cheese is an art

Thanks to the work of the creative agency Traktor of Vienna, the dairy products of the brand Salzburg Milch have become the main ingredients of appetizing gourmet toast. The original concept of the campaign consisted of turning each slice of bread into a canvas on which to recreate a famous painting. Between layers of butter and fresh cheese, pieces of cheese, carved fruit and vegetables and colorful decorations of various kinds, here thanks to the Salzburg Milch come to life some of the more famous and recognizable pictorial works of art history, including The scream by Edvard Munch, The birth of Venus of Botticelli, the Girl with a pearl earring by Johannes Vermeer and theSelf-portrait with blindfolded ear of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh.

Austria and the great passion for cheese

Cheese is the most popular and consumed dairy product in Austria. According to an Ama study (Agrarmarkt Austria), 36% of Austrians show a preference for cheese. Of the 400 varieties of cheese produced in Austria, the one preferred by consumers is the Gouda, followed by fresh cheeses. For both types, sales reached € 107 million in 2016.

Photo: salzburgmilch-cheese-is-art-print-409362-adeevee.jpg
Photo: salzburgmilch-cheese-is-art-print-409363-adeevee.jpg
Photo: salzburgmilch-cheese-is-art-print-409364-adeevee.jpg
Photo: salzburgmilch-cheese-is-art-print-409365-adeevee.jpg

Daniel Canzian, nice and tireless son of art – Italian Cuisine


It is rare to meet someone who has always known what he wanted to do when he was grown up. If then he succeeded, and with excellent results, it is really a joy. We try it by meeting Daniel Canzian, creative and extrovert chef, who identified his vocation as a youngster, in his parents' restaurant: in the kitchen he was happy and he never asked what else to do. A great fortune for the customers of his restaurant in Milan, now, and, first, for those of the Marchesi Group (including Marchesino), where he worked as an executive chef between 2008 and 2013.

Recalling the master Gualtiero, Canzian said: "Among the chefs there are many numbers one, but he was a prime number". Already this simple sentence gives the measure of Daniel's grace. Simple and balanced, sincere and kind as his dishes, use the ladle like a brush to make delicate frescoes. All with the charge and the sympathy of the Venetian true, what after 12 hours of work still wants to have a chat in the room and to answer, to those who ask him how he chooses the wines for his paper: "My kitchen, which tends to be fresh and acidulous, is better suited to mineral wines, rather than very structured ones. The big labels and rich ingredients interest me little. I go towards purity ".

It prefers flour of small mills and in general products of high ethical and palatal value: genuine and close. The km 0 is too limiting, but to buy wasabi for strength when we have a good horseradish made in Italy makes no sense. For our recipe it has foreseen the use of foie gras, because the Christmas period requires a special touch, but Canzian is capable of enchanting even with "simple" lemon risotto, polenta cannoli filled with creamed salted cod, lacquered suckling pigs, crunchy minestrone and delicate mackerels in crust.

Pure made in Italy

168747It is a champion of "lightness" with its essential recipes and the nice verve. Its goal is nutrition, not just the taste and the spectacularity of the dish. Canzian (38) offers seasonal and family ingredients, good and easy to find. Wines included, that knows well (was born in Conegliano) and loves. He is a member of JRE Italy for only one year, yet It has already been chosen for the association's European committee since 2019. A good opportunity to promote the Italian food and wine scene across the border.

Opened in 2013 in Milan, the Daniel Canzian restaurant is a small oasis of silence in the effervescent Brera area, with an open kitchen and a bright dining room 50 covers, comfortable and "natural". The Right to Stop among the goodies: bring a bottle of special wine, too important to pair it with home-made dishes, and the chef will create an ad hoc menu for the label.


168750for 4 people

capon breast (2 parts) – 2 l of capon broth –

1 whole foie gras, about 500 g (possibly goose) –

Vin Santo (or white passito) – 1 pomegranate – 1 lemon

untreated – extra virgin olive oil – 1 bunch

of organic homegrown parsley – salt – pepper

Prepare the capon Bring the capon broth almost to a boil (it must reach a maximum of 70 ° for the meat does not become stringy): add the turkey breast and cook for 30 minutes. Drain the meat and let it cool.

Marinate the foie gras Open the foie gras in two by making a long incision with a sharp knife without going all the way. Privatelo of any veins helping you with a pincer for fish. Spray it internally and externally in a container with plenty of Vin Santo, salt and pepper. Close the foie gras, wrap it in the foil, prick it and leave it to rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Make the condiment Cut the pomegranate into 2 and, knocking on the cap with a heavy cutlery over a bowl, remove the beans; then gently shell them by pressing the peel inwards. Drain them in a colander, blend half (keeping aside the rest) with the juice collected in the bowl and filter. Whisk the liquid with a whisk pouring a little oil, salt and pepper. Wash, clean and pat the parsley selecting the tender tops and leaves.

Complete the dish Cut the capon breast into very thin slices and season lightly with the pomegranate vinaigrette. Using a knife cut thin slices (of shavings) of foie gras. Make the dish with the turkey slices on one side and the foie gras shavings on top. Put aside some parsley leaves, spread the pomegranates kept aside and serve with the vinagrette.

Silvia Bombelli
photo by Michele Tabozzi
(on the cover: Canzian with the director of Sale & Pepe Laura Maragliano)
December 2018


Accademia Vergnano, teach the art of coffee – Italian Cuisine


There is coffee and coffee, we know well, including blends, mono-origins, certifications. And there is the art of making coffee. Vergnano, the oldest Italian roasting company, has just opened one school. To teach all the secrets of the legendary Italian espresso (here the tips to make a moka scream at home).

On the hills of Turin, in the historic family villa – we are the fourth generation of this company – the bartenders of Italy and the professionals of the sector will be able to attend a high school for discovering the art of coffee in all its forms. Not only that: the Academy will be open to public and enthusiasts with meetings to discover and learn something more in this fascinating way from the color of the earth and the scent of Paradise! (and by the way: did you know that the correct consumption of coffee is good for the heart, mind and nervous system?!?)

167772The Academy of Chieri it is a return to the origins: it is the house where the company was founded by Domenico Vergnano (grandfather of the current owners) in 1882. A house that wants to show off thelove for excellence of the Vergnano family. But this is not at all the first school dedicated to baristas: the offices have in fact spread to Italy (10) and in the world (in seven countries).

The Vergnano Academy enjoys the international SCA certification – Specialty Coffee Association, which translated means this: the professionals who will come out of his school can become "Coffee sommelier". "In recent years we have noticed an ever increasing dedication: coffee is more than ever a subject that excites and stimulates baristas. There is an ever more evident will of specialize and become experts. – declares Enrico Vergnano, Director of Horeca Italia – we dream that in this place the best baristas will be formed ready to exalt our blends to the maximum. "

167775The course program it ranges from the fundamental "Barista Skill" to the most contemporary extraction and brewing techniques, from the techniques of milk art to the "sensory" modules for tasting. To these are added the broader courses in the bar world, such as cocktails & bar tenders, extracts and juices, aperitifs, management and food cost.

Caffè Vergnano exports to over 90 countries worldwide (and employs around 140 people). The meticulous selection of the best coffee producers in the world is a key to its success: "I chose to follow my father's job because I think it's a fascinating art – explains Pietro Vergnano, Responsible for the purchase of raw materials -" origins, define the roasting to get the best out of each grain and combine the spicy notes of Africa with those more floral patterns."

The Academy is part of the Polo Vergnano, an area dedicated to the culinary excellence of the Italian territory: on the courtyard overlook the restaurants of Eataly in Collina, Caffè Vergnano 1882 and roasting. Inside, a shop which sports professional equipment but also tasty gadgets for fans and a thematic bookstore in collaboration with Mondadori. And then of course the Practice Room (with Olfactory corner, Corner Mixology, Corner brewing etc); the Theoretical & Cupping Room and the Kitchen, to savor the culinary proposals of great chefs, in an intimate and warm atmosphere like the one at home.

Carra Traverso Saibante
November 2018

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