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Adopt a pomegranate and the fruits arrive home – Italian Cuisine

Adopt a pomegranate and the fruits arrive home

Giuseppe Savino from Foggia launched the initiative: with a video call you choose the tree and in November the pomegranates will be sent all over Italy

The new frontier of long distance adoptions passes from the earth. And from the web. Because if there weren't any farmers 2.0 like Giuseppe Savino from Foggia none of this would be possible. Giuseppe is someone who uses the internet to "trace a furrow", as is done in the fields. The last of these furrows was traced in full lockdown, with the launch of the project Adopt a pomegranate.

He told us a moment after finishing the wheat harvest, after a few missed phone appointments because, as he says, "there is a precise moment when the bean is ready, but it cannot be foreseen when it is". And in the same field where the ears of corn were, right next to the rows of pomegranates, there will be pumpkins, so everything will be ready in November for a big party (pandemics permitting).

Who is Giuseppe Savino

But let's go in order. Giuseppe Savino is a farmer's son, as he likes to remember. The father is the classic man whose experience is all in the field, in the true sense of the word. As his son says of him: "He can tell you what problem the plant has by looking at it at two meters, while my brother who is an agronomist must study it under a microscope". Experience teaches, but Giuseppe's youth and being smart have integrated his father's millenary wisdom, bringing it to the virtual square of social networks, working on relations between farmers and on the Vazapp platform from which it started with a great project of agro-integration and sharing of ideas, also passed by the Contadinner (dinners between farmers to make them known). To this were added many other initiatives and that of the adoption of pomegranates shows that with a small gesture you can weave life stories.

Birth and realization of an idea

«We were in full lockdown and I realized that people had become used to video calls. I had long had in mind the plan to adopt trees, but a theft a few years ago had stopped it in the bud. Now the time is ripe to promote this idea, but I didn't want it to be just a pre-purchase, I wanted it to be an experience for those who decide to adopt a pomegranate ". An even therapeutic experience that has virtually brought people to the countryside at a time of closure.

The experience begins first by filling out a form, then there is the first video call, in which Giuseppe with his smartphone brings those who have joined the initiative to the field: the plant is chosen together, the plate with the name chosen for the tree by the holder is affixed, then when the call ends, Giuseppe sends the geolocation of the tree on whatsapp. In the middle there is a chat, which often ends up being touching: «I left to have trees adopted, but it is I who am adopting people's stories. I was impressed by the story of a professor who said he wanted to support this initiative, because it was made by young boys like his nephew who unfortunately is gone. There are those who called the Hope tree, hope, those who chose the name Futuro and it was a grandfather who gave the pomegranate to his grandson who is fighting an illness and for whom he dreams of a fruitful and painless future .

Also through social media, whatsapp and video calls, Giuseppe keeps up to date all those who have adopted trees on how it is going, waiting for the harvest to take place in October-November. What better time than the feast of the dead, which is very much felt in the Foggia area? We eat the grain of the dead, which is a sweet that promises fruitfulness and contains precisely cooked wheat, pomegranate seeds, walnuts, held together by the vincotto. In a village in the Dauno Sub-Apennine, in Orsara, every year on November 1st the involving manifestation of Fucacoste takes place, the bonfire of the heads of Purgatory, which is thought to be at the origin of Halloween.

"I undertake to send a box of pomegranates throughout Italy to all those who have adopted, making them watch the harvest from their tree, which will be at least in video call, but it would be nice if they could come in person to gather them with me, to live the feast of the dead here in Foggia and to eat together the wheat of the dead among the adopted trees and the field of pumpkins that I am about to plant .

Terraced vegetable garden: boom in quarantine (and plants and seeds arrive at home) – Italian Cuisine

Terraced vegetable garden: boom in quarantine (and plants and seeds arrive at home)

Sales of plants, seeds and equipment increased during the Covid-19 emergency with many activities being organized for home deliveries. Here's where to order and how to start your own home production

In this exceptional first part of spring that we are spending at home because of the emergency Coronavirus, we did not want to give up on ourselves flowers and plants beautifying balconies and gardens and not even planting sowing for vegetables, fruits and herbs that will sprout in this period and in the coming months. According to a monitoring carried out by Coldiretti, the weeks of quarantine have registered a boom of terrace gardens: sales of seeds, seedlings, fertilizers and domestic tools for cultivation have increased in supermarkets and nurseries (which have organized themselves with home sales). Who has enough space on the balcony or in the garden or even just on a windowsill has organized to start one home production of tomatoes, courgettes and lettuces, but also basil, rosemary, sage, thyme and mint.

Vegetable garden on the terrace: how to start

To start your own home growing, Coldiretti offers some tips.

Light, soil and anti-parasite nets

Consider the exposure of the balcony, because the seedlings need a good dose of light and heat to grow well.

Choose a suitable type of soil that must be sufficiently rich in nutrients, retain the water without creating water stagnation.

Do not use pesticide products, but to defend your crops with anti-insect nets or non-woven fabric, even by manually removing the insects.

If you are a beginner, choose seedlings to decant instead of seeds. They are more practical and allow you to see the fruits of your work first.

What to grow

Salad is the simplest cultivation (in fact it is the most requested) and guarantees the harvest after just 40 days with a cost of only a few cents.

Tomato seedlings are also very popular, even in miniature format.

Peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, spicy chillies with a thousand shapes, tomatoes with small and sweet fruits, green beans and any type of vegetable capable of growing in pots. It is – Coldiretti points out – in some cases of dwarf varieties obtained naturally through crosses, while other times they are normal garden products that adapt to growing even in small spaces such as pots, or in special supports that develop in vertical, making the most of limited space.

Home plants and seeds

On the company website Orto Mio, specialist in Forlì (FC) in the production of peat cube vegetable seedlings, in the Stores section there are the activities that deliver home delivery in your area (from north to south of Italy). You will also find a section dedicated to tips for growing the vegetable garden, one dedicated to cooking and one with the Live Garden where you can observe a vegetable garden in real time through a webcam.

Online plants grown especially for home delivery hobbyists are also found on The Garden of Wonders with nurseries in the province of Ragusa. From the site you can download guides on the cultivation of the vegetable garden and the sowing calendar.

If you are looking for certified organic plants you can buy them on The Ortofruttifero, a Tuscan company that with the University of Pisa has also started the "SuperBio" project to obtain plants which, in addition to presenting greater nutraceutical characteristics, also bring benefits to the vegetable garden.

The site piantinedaorto.it offers fruit, vegetable seedlings, various types of hot peppers, aromatic plants, berries and even ready-made kits with different types of plants and indications for planting them, from the size of the pot to the period.

To buy flowers and decorative plants to embellish gardens or balconies with an eye also to the social you can rely on Cascina Bollate, the nursery inside the Bollate Prison (MI) where prisoners learn a trade alongside professional gardeners. The large catalog can be browsed online and always with a click you can buy and order at home with deliveries throughout Italy (free of charge on Milan and neighboring in this period of health emergency).

On the Coldiretti websites you will find several lists divided by region of the companies that have organized themselves for home delivery: here, for example, you can find those of the Lombardy, here those Venetian.

McDonald's candles with the smell of hamburgers arrive – Italian Cuisine

Gwyneth Paltrow moved: Mc Donald's hamburger-scented candles arrive (but they are already sold out)

The craze for scented candles touches unimaginable new levels thanks to McDonald's candles: you are very colorful hamburger-scented candles. Who has never dreamed of getting drunk on the reassuring aroma of fast food even in the privacy of their own home, perhaps to create the right atmosphere before diving into a relaxing tub of boiling water?

Up Golden Arches Unlimited, McDonald's official online shop, you can find different gadgets and accessories, such as calendars, branded T-shirts and socks with a French fries pattern, but the most original gift idea is this set designed for the most hardcore lovers of the famous restaurant chain. The package contains 6 candles whose aroma should remind one of the most loved sandwiches, the McRoyal Deluxe, also known in the world as Quarter Pounder.

The scent of McDonald's candles

Each candle has a different color and gives off the scent of one of the ingredients of the Mc Royal Deluxe: the yellow candle smells of sesame, The red one of Ketchup, the white of onion, the brown one of beef, the green of gherkins pickle and the orange one of melted cheese.

You may decide to turn on one at a time to "taste" each ingredient in its purity, but the best way to enjoy this calorie-free hamburger is turn them all on together. The maximum duration of the candles, with soy wax, is about 25 hours.

Unfortunately, to do this you will have to wait for the shop to be restocked: McDonald's candles are already there sold out.

McDonald's candles

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