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Among the trees, in the middle of the river, suspended in the void: the hotels to enjoy nature – Italian Cuisine

Among the trees, in the middle of the river, suspended in the void: the hotels to enjoy nature

In Sweden he is about to inaugurate a floating hotel from which to admire the northern lights. But even Italian facilities offer unique experiences

In the summertime floats on the waters of the river Lule, in winter it is set in the ice. And from its rooms with huge windows to the ceiling, you can admire the sky without having to go out. The Arctic Bath hotel, designed by Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi, is about to open in Sweden: it is the ideal place to enjoy the Northern Lights phenomenon, from October to March, or the midnight sun. There are only six rooms, set up on a circular structure that has a natural pool with very cold water inside. The inevitable wellness center has twelve cabins for massages, thermal baths and crystal treatments. A structure that, as the designers wanted, has the least possible impact on the environment.

Who loves to immerse themselves in nature, always in Sweden, can also choose the Treehotel, with its own rooms in glass, bird's nest, Ufo-shaped, suspended among the tall trees in the pine forests of the northern part of the country, with a panoramic view of the river.

The rooms of the Free Spirits Hotel in Canada are real spheres in the trees of the rainforest coastal Vancouver Island, British Columbia: a unique hotel, where you can seek peace and relaxation by doing glamping, a new type of camping, between green and luxury. Or from which to go to discover the natural wonders that the island offers.

In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in Peru, the Skylodges Adventure Suits allow you to sleep suspended in a transparent capsule at 300 meters of height (but with all the comforts), for a breathtaking experience where the condors fly.

And in Italy? In the Renon (Bolzano), the Adler Lodge Ritten is a cozy retreat in the forest, among fragrant trees, Spa in the woods and lakeside chalets. It was opened in late June. There is the possibility of reach the structure with the cable car starting from the center of Bolzano. Guests arriving by foot from the forest to the plateau face a large clearing overlooking the entrance of the central structure, all covered in black wood. Around, 20 chalets (some on the shore of a natural pond) with large windows, sauna and fireplace.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Claut Valcellina, stands the Tree Village, a veritable small village of small houses built on trees without damaging them. The structure provides sleeping bags: each cottage can accommodate 2 to 6 people.

Never slept in a cave? In Matera Sextantio le Grotte della Civita is a widespread hotel, of which they are part well 18 caves carved into the tufa rock, to relive the feelings of the families who lived there until the fifties.

Tour among the best kiosks in Milan, for a lunch, an aperitif or a dinner – Italian Cuisine

Tour among the best kiosks in Milan, for a lunch, an aperitif or a dinner

A tour among the best kiosks in Milan, where to go to eat well and spending – almost always – little. For a lunch, for an aperitif or for a dinner in the open air

From what has become a city institution to a gourmet one. From what brought life to life in a desolate square near the metro station to the one that received the title of "Historic Workshop". The common thread that connects i kiosks in Milan draw one composite and varied urban geography, both in terms ofgastronomic offer that of human stories. "In the city there are a few hundred licenses," explains Giacomo, one of the protagonists. «It appears that some of these were released in the last century by the rationing police. According to this source, these shacks were given to ex-prisoners to give them a second chance ". Today, on the contrary, it is the kiosks in Milan that give the skeptics who consider them second-rate places a second chance. And at any time of day: lunch, aperitif, dinner and late into the night.

Lunch: Giannasi, Cotòlicious, the Kiosko and at Casa di Giacomo


Giannasi was the most famous poulterer in Milan, then it became an institution, so much so that in 2010 he was even awarded the Ambrogino d'Oro. His secret? Not to have succumbed to fashions, but to have anticipated them. Like when, at the turn of the 90s and the new millennium, he understood that the future would be takeaway food. To the question "How do you make the best chicken in the city?", The Emilian who made his fortune in Milan thanks to a kiosk replies: "On the goodness of the chicken they play the freshness and the quality of the meat, in addition to the mix of aromas used and of course the cooking which must be at least 2 hours. Also the price it matters, I have always tried to offer customers fresh and quality food at the lowest possible price .
Piazza Buozzi, 2 – Hours: Monday to Saturday 7.00 – 20.00

Cotòliciuos, chicken meat is his specialty

The specialty of Cotòliciuos are the chicken mignon cutlets. These scottadito are offered with a series of sauces and in different variations. In addition to the classic breading, there are the one with herbs, pistachio, paprika and curry. Crunchy and easy to eat, they are perfect for a lunch break with a view, as the tables directly overlook the Ravizza park. Low prices, functional packaging, cocktails at 4.50 and a kitchen open until 10 pm. Bocconi students are frequent visitors, but not only them. The copyright of chicken meat is of Alberto Panzeri, butcher for over 50 years. The idea of ​​releasing the product from the butcher's in Piazza del Carmine and turning it into street food came to three friends, who in a short time have already opened three kiosks. In addition to this, one is in the Central Station, the other in the Sempione Park.
Viale Giovanni Sebastiano Bach, 1 – Hours: Monday to Saturday 8.00-22.00

At the Kiosko in Piazza 24 Maggio … once upon a time there was mixed fry

For some time now, in Piazza 24 Maggio, you no longer feel the enveloping smell of frying that made the Milan dockyard maritime at certain times of the day and evening. Here the fish is always fresh, all fished, 80% comes from the Mediterranean. Mr. Stefano, a family of fishmongers for generations and owner of the Kiosko since 2010, has decided to turn off the fires, at least for the moment. A pity that there is no longer the mixed fry, although a glimmer of hope Stefano leaves it. In September, when the extension works will be finished, there will probably be room for some ready meals on the counter, «but only cruditè
Piazza 24 Maggio – Hours: every day 7.00-20.00; Sunday 8.30 -13.30

La Casa di Giacomo in piazzale Corvetto

Crossing Piazzale Corvetto you cannot miss it. If up until a couple of years ago it was all cement and dog days, today there is the Casa di Giacomo kiosk to give color and shelter to passers-by. Four tables, two umbrellas and the sympathy of holder. You can stop in the morning for a coffee, in the evening for a beer or a spritz, but the best time is for lunch. THE sandwiches who prepares Giacomo in his small kitchen are delicious. To compose the menu, he was helped by the chef Andrea Vigna. The ingredients are well blended, the flavors balanced, all at a popular price.
Piazzale Corvetto Ang.Viale Martini, 2 – Hours: Monday to Saturday 8.30-21.00

Aperitif: first stop Tramvai, then Chiringuito and finally Gud City Life


It is said that the tram 1522 both on a track that has been dead since the 1990s and that was already a very popular meeting place, albeit informal. As we arrived a few meters from the Martesana Canal, it is not known. What is known, however, is that he resumed his run and today is a magical place, especially at sunset, when the sunlight comes in under the arbor. Ideal forappetizer, but also open for lunch and dinner. In the happy hour time slot, which ends at 8 pm, the kitchen is not in use, but beer, wine or cocktails arrive with a few snacks. On the other hand, all the Monday from 20 until closing, the spritz is 3 euros, while I Thursday there is the live music.
Via Tirano – Hours: every day 5.00-2.00; from Friday to Sunday opening at 11; Monday and Sunday closing at 24

Chiringuito, the exotic of San Siro

Imagine yourself on a beach, at sunset, a drink in hand, live music in the background. Here, replace the sand with asphalt, the rest is everything. The idea of ​​Franco Mazzeo and Giuseppe Garzone was of bring to Milan a piece of that relaxed atmosphere of exotic chiringuitos and in the end they did a little bit. At the "Chiri" there is a good selection of craft beers. For cocktails, it is better to focus on great classics, while to stop hunger on sandwiches.
Piazza Erculea, 2 – Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 – 24.00. Saturday 11.00 – 24.00

Gud City Life, beach chairs and umbrellas among the skyscrapers

Gud City Life is the kiosk that has sprung up in the Orti Fioriti, in the midst of futuristic skyscrapers and fragrant jasmine. Recommended for a aperitif sitting at the table under the umbrellas or on the deckchairs, but also open to lunch it's at dinner. The proposal includes several menu formulas: Italian Cirasci, Japanese-flavored rice bowl but with a hint of Mediterranean flavors, the buns by Cristian Marasco, long rising and stuffed with top quality ingredients, and salads. Care in preparations, organic raw materials and a preference for healthy food, but also a relaxed and almost holiday atmosphere. Plus from this year there is also the ice cream corner in collaboration with Grom. The ingredients are all there!
Piazzale Arduino, 1 – Hours: every day 12.00-22.00

Dinner: Exit or Mimì Gourmet


The menu speaks the language of a gourmet restaurant. Or rather the gourmet restaurant among the most fashionable in Milan, since there are some behind Exit the "three P's" of Contraste, Perdomo, Press and Piras. The setting, however, is that of an informal kiosk set in a maze of streets in the historic center. Context that makes the experience even more suggestive, at any time of day, since the "Urban Gastronomy" serves at breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner. In the menu some icons of the simplicity of simplicity – oysters, caviar, foies gras, pigeon – put in dialogue with essential ingredients, but less obvious. Icing on the cake, a wine list that has about 200 labels and where of course there is no lack of champagne.
Piazza Erculea, 2 – Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 – 24:00; Saturday from 11:00 to 24:00

From the Mimì Kiosk to Mimì Gourmet

The Mimì kiosk – open only in the autumn season – is a reference point for lovers of mushrooms and truffles. Since it opened in the same building Mimì Gourmet – Food Restaurant, it has become so also for those who appreciate the raw fish and i shellfish. Selected raw material, always fresh, large portions is moderate prices compared to the type of offer. This is how the pavement of Piazzale Baiamonti has become a happy island. In addition to the fixed proposals, such as spaghetti with clams and bottarga or with sea urchins, mixed fry, tartare and tuna or salmon carpaccio, the menu varies according to market availability. To underline the curious combination cruditè-gnocco fritto. The wine list is also good. Piazzale Baiamonti – Hours: Monday to Thursday 12.00 – 22.30; Friday and Saturday: 12.00 – 15.00 and 16.00 – 22.30

Night: Kiosk of Valeria – Le Luride, Al 19 and Antica Gelateria Sartori

Kiosk of Valeria – Le Luride

Safe landing for hungry night owls, people from all over the city and even from the province arrive at the kiosk in Piazza Fusina. Valeria and Brunella's specialty is "Il Completo". You can choose the sandwich, Arabic or French; and the meat, meat or salami. Salamella is pork are the highlights. The garnishes are: salad, tomato, cheese, mayonnaise, caramelized onion and handmade peperonata. The kiosk has been there since the 1980s, Valeria, 65, a past as a cook in school canteens and a volunteer in Kosovo, she took it over in 1998. Only women. In addition to her, her daughter Brunella, her niece Vanessa and Chiara. The sandwich menu has just been updated, the choice is wide, the price unbeatable and also the times.
Piazza Andrea Fusina, 3 – Hours: Monday closed; from Tuesday to Thursday 6.30-4.00; Friday and Saturday 6.30-6.00

At 7pm, for a snack of “equine” sandwiches

In via Tabacchi there are two kiosks, one not far from each other. One is the Maradona, it is recognized by the fluorescent green light. A certainty for night lovers. Fat and abundant sandwiches and honest prices, what it takes to fill the hole in the stomach after a good night. A little further on, on the other side of the road, there is Al 19, less showy, but equally famous among night owls, perhaps for slightly more refined palates. There are some of this kiosk two things that are difficult to forget. The first is the horse meat, of different cuts and excellent quality, with which the sandwiches are stuffed, a unicum in Milan. The second is the Caramelized onions (at least for the writer).
Via Tabacchi – Opening times: open every day except Monday 20-5.00

Sartori, one of the best ice creams in Milan a stone's throw from the Central Station

If you want to eat one of the best ice creams in the city, you must go to the Central Station, at the entrance to the Mortirolo underpass. There, since 1937, there is the Antica Gelateria Sartori, from a couple of years Bottega Storica of Milan. Anthony is the third generation of a family of Treviso origins, he is the son of Andrea Sartori's daughter, the founder of the business. Become famous for the creams, at the time the tastes were 5, today they are 28. But many also know it for the Sicilian granita. The reason why the Venetians started making granitas is soon said: "At a certain point, in the 70s, a boy from Acireale came to work at the kiosk and transferred his knowledge here". Among the tastes to try, the Nocciolato, with Langhe hazelnuts, and the Raw Pistachio.
Piazza Luigi di Savoia, corner Via Pergolesi – Hours: Open every day from 11am to 1am

Ten greedy places among the Five Ways – Italian Cuisine

Ten greedy places among the Five Ways

The most central district of Milan Design Week is full of surprises, in a setting of great charm. Between an event and an exhibition, where to stop for a drink or a dish they deserve.

For a curious twist of fate, we see at the city's coolest and most contemporary event – the Milan Design Week – the merit of having rediscovered the oldest neighborhood: le Five Ways. Anyone who thinks that Milan, unlike other major Italian cities, such as Rome, Naples and Florence, does not have a history to preserve, but is solely dedicated to business and fashion, should take a long, pleasant walk in this maze of narrow streets. They exist since the Roman Empire and they cross like a star in an area where there are remains of monuments, splendid palaces, museums and churches.

Boutiques and art galleries

This district – born on the occasion of Design Week 2014, is a mix of lovely courtyards is surprising views but also delicious boutiques for shopping and many art galleries. It has the advantage of a very central location as it is between the cathedral of Sant’Ambrogio, the Duomo, Piazza Affari and Via Torino. Obviously it deserves a visit until April 14th – when the Fuorisalone – but also a quiet walk away from the event, perhaps on a weekend. It is a Milan of rare beauty and great charm.

At the heart of the event

The Five Ways are Via del Bollo, Via Santa Marta, Via Santa Maria Podone, Via Santa Maria Fulcorina is Via Bocchetto: they lived in a state of neglect, near degradation, and flourished again thanks to the commitment of an association such as 5Vie Art + Design (http://www.5vie.it) which set up a rich program for Milan Design Week. Taking a break is a must, especially since in the district (and in the adjacent streets, we emphasize it) there are plenty of greedy places and with that touch of class that only The Five Ways offer naturally.

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