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Gluten-free pastry shops: addresses for celiacs in Milan – Italian Cuisine

Croissants, pastries, cakes, sweet and savory leavened products: the pastry shops in Milan where you can buy homemade gluten-free bread and desserts suitable for celiacs. And even find Sicilian sfogliatelle and cassata

The pastry shops and local specialized in products gluten free they are on the rise; luckily for the celiacs of Milan who can finally find suitable products for them. The era of industrial sweets to buy in pharmacies is therefore over, and you can find excellent pastry shops where you can buy sweets, cakes, pastries, bread, strictly gluten-free leavened and suitable for celiacs. Where they even make Sicilian sfogliatelle or cassata: obviously gluten free.

Because gluten-free is not easy

Gluten is a protein, its peculiarity is to be able to create a mesh called gluten in the mixing phase which retains water and fat inside and makes highly hydrated cohesive doughs workable. The alveoli and the volume of a panettone or the structure of a pastry as well as bread and other leavened products develop thanks to gluten. Eliminating it is therefore not technically so easy and to create a whole range of desserts to open a gluten-free pastry shop, you have to completely revolutionize your way of working and use new techniques and ingredients for pastry doughs. It is not a small job.

It is one thing to serve desserts that do not include gluten in the recipe, like a meringue, another thing is to be able to recreate the softness of a cake without being able to use wheat flour. Flours of other cereals and legume proteins are often used as substitutes, but to find the same experience in a gluten-free croissant there are really numerous attempts (and even failures).

After all, sweets are a pleasure, and if they are not good … what pleasure is it?

In recent years the gluten free world has grown a lot, certainly now diagnoses are simpler and faster. Then there is the disorder called non-celiac gluten sensitivity, which is the subject of research and is still difficult to define and diagnose. The fact is that, partly for fashion, partly for hypochondria, gluten-free has exploded. Many have launched into the business, but not all of them are able to really affect nutritional and gastronomic needs at the same time: after all, sweets are a pleasure, and if they are not good … what pleasure is it?

These pastry shops that we have selected do not survive by fashion, quite the contrary, since the quality of the desserts is often indistinguishable from that of a classic pastry and the level is still absolutely satisfactory. For gluten-free desserts and celiacs who do not regret classic pastry.

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Text by Jacopo Giavara, Margo Schachter

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5 squares for 7 addresses in the heart of the Great Beauty – Italian Cuisine

5 squares for 7 addresses in the heart of the Great Beauty

The open ZTL and the expansion of the outdoor areas have brought the tables to the heart of the most beautiful views of the historic center, making places so far reserved only for tourists accessible

We only need the mandolins in the background like in an American film. The "Dolce Vita" in Rome has never been so sweet, among tables that open to the Romans rather than tourists in the most suggestive squares of the city. It is the "compensation" of summer 2020: after the months of lockdown and fear, the orders of the mayor Raggi gave Rome as never seen before. Masks permitting. Ztl open at all hours, + 50% of the outdoor tables, dehors that open in delightful squares and in suggestive locations such as Piazza Navona, where you can drink and eat at human prices, which take into account that today the customers are all local.

Piazza Navona

Here there are even two addresses. There is Camillo on one side, with his cuoppi of octopus, bao and noodles, accompanied by drinketti and now by the partnership with Patrick Pistolesi's Nio Cocktails, while on the other side there is Dolce Vita, with aperitifs at fish & chips base (10 € drink included), hamburgers and even omelettes. In the first case the De Santis family, in the second the Monteforte family: to share them, the great experience and the garrison on the square for decades, but also the desire to return the most beautiful square of the city to the Romans, who until a few months ago from these parts were seen very little and stopped even less. They were – rightly – terrified by the prices set on tourists, willing to spend any amount to enjoy such beauty. Today the wonder is to be able to sit in front of Bernini's wonders by paying a few euros and enjoying the Ponentino and the view.

Stone square

Again the square is fabulous and the recommended addresses are two and maybe on the same evening you could plan to go to both. Because if Salotto42 is the right place more for an aperitif with a view, leaning on the tables outside, for dinner you move a little further, to the Osteria dell'Inegno. Safe address in the historic center that politicians like so much and that satisfies both those who love meat and those who love fish. Few flourishes and a lot of concreteness, with excellent raw materials and apparently simple dishes, but studied. In both cases, affordable prices, compared to a plus like the splendor of this square.

Piazza della Quercia

The delight of this little square with an oak tree in the center and a church next to the restaurant is almost like a movie set. In addition, the new management has given a breath of freshness, among the good breads of the Monteforte family, owner of the new tavern, and the kitchen of Marco Gallotta, finally returned to Rome after a long pilgrimage. Someone will remember him in that of Primo al Pigneto, here he will rediscover the atmosphere, also thanks to the restyling of the same architect, Roberto Liorni. The dishes are more calibrated on the concept of trattoria, so as not to deny the original soul of the place, yet the flicker is perceived.

Largo di Torre Argentina

Mercerie has long been the pop outpost in Rome of the starred chef Igles Corelli, who for this address in Torre Argentina had already thought of a double line, a classic gourmet restaurant, and a more innovative one based on tastings, which they are resolved in pralines, buttons and lasagna, always different also according to the seasons, also ideal for takeaway. But why take it away, however, if Mercerie has finally had the opportunity to put the tables overlooking Largo di Torre Argentina? A novelty that makes parking more pleasant and the place more attractive.

Piazzetta Alfredo

The legendary fettuccine Alfredo leave the restaurant to go to the square. The square does not have a name and is nothing more than a widening at the confluence of Vicolo della Campana and via della Scrofa, which finally freed from the mopeds that parked wildly here, becomes a scenario for Alfredo alla Scrofa's new dehors. It should also be noted that there is the new menu by chef Mirko Moglioni, who has decidedly modernized the proposal, while leaving a hard core of untouchable dishes, starting naturally with the fettuccine Alfredo. To this are added the drinks, enjoyable and perfectly spot on with the environment, perhaps to start with an aperitif and continue with dinner.

Where to eat mussels in Milan in 5 addresses – Italian Cuisine

Mussels in Milan in 5 perfect restaurants to fall in love with once again. Try them raw, au gratin, in the pot and … fried!

Mussels tonight?
A nice saucepan with family, with friends, but also for two, to enjoy the most popular flavor of the sea and discover the recipes of those who know about mussels, and how. Even in Milan, where the sea is far away, but its echo resounds strongly. Among the holiday memories, the constant desire to breathe the breeze of the waves and the widespread presence of restaurateurs able to import the Lombard capital best mussel recipes. But not only. In the places you find below, the love for mussels also translates into one very careful selection and in the constant desire to propose an apparently very common product that can give unique emotions. If it is true that a peppered mussel can be ordered in practically all restaurants that offer fish, in these places it has something extra. Seeing is believing.
Once inside, it will be a great pleasure to go beyond the classic soup. And fall in love with raw hairy mussels, recipes that smell like Belgium, the liveliness of Taranto …

La Cozzeria
Via Lodovico Muratori 7

Photo @Tripadvisor

If you really want mussels, you have to start here. A small, romantic place that winks at France lightly and in which to gather in front of a large and fragrant mussel pot without too many pretensions. Simple equipment, modest spaces, but an incredible choice of mussels served with peppers, in rocket and saffron sauce, in basil sauce, with orange and ginger (my favorites), with beans, with chickpeas, Sicilian, rosemary, poulette, leek cream, Pastis cream , with Dijon mustard, in Gorgonzola sauce and au gratin. Obviously there is no lack of the classic impepata and the marinara recipe and they are all strictly accompanied by a plate of homemade fries. Pleasant also the white of the house that completes the simple and not obvious proposal of a place worth a visit.
LaCozzeria tel. 0254107164

Le Vent du Nord
Via Sannio 18

Photo @Instagram

Here we are in Belgium, among the tables in the alleys where moules et frites they perfume the streets and enchant the hungry patrons. Returning to reality in Via Sannio there are no alleys and not even the north wind, but with a little imagination, we are right there. Le Vent du Nord is in fact a place with an atmosphere to sell and that can also count on an essential menu, but it fits perfectly where mussels and french fries twice, as per Belgian tradition. Belgian mussel recipes too, proposals marinieres with celery, onion, butter, parsley, pepper and white wine, à crème with butter, garlic, cream and pepper, à la provençale with celery, shallot, oil, parsley, pepper and tomato and finally ginger with ginger, lime zest, chilli pepper, butter and drizzled with white wine. If you want to be simple, take refuge in the classic mussels simply jump with oil, garlic and pepper.

Vent du Nord tel. 0255189027

Via Bonnet 5 / Via Solari 12

Photo @Instagram

From Polignano a Mare to Milan the journey was short, the agreement was immediate. Pescaria has conquered the Milanese with its giant fish sandwiches (the one with fried octopus is a must), but we are here to talk about mussels. And here is the inevitable roundup on the menu of this chain of fish restaurants that offers a taste of true mussel lovers. To taste absolutely raw hairy mussels (served in plates of 10), the classic black mussels, but also the delicious fried mussels (200 g of shelled and fried mussels). Not to mention the cheese, pepper and mussels, simply irresistible.

Pescaria.it tel. 02 659 9322/02 3668 5383

The Taverna dei Terroni
Via Pietro Crespi 18

Photo @Tripadvisor

If you are looking for a place with a popular atmosphere, this restaurant could do it for you. Here the mussels represent only a part of the menu which is composed of the classic fish dishes (pasta, fried, fish to choose from over the counter …). The Tarantine origin of the manager Paolo, however, requires a taste of the mussel soup, an essential starting point for a good feast of fish. The mussels also dominate the classic scialatielli with seafood, to be tasted absolutely to complete the experience.

Tel. 335 404 821

Mieru Mieru
Via Magolfa 14

Photo @Mierumieru

Tarantina spaghetti. Mussels au gratin or peppered. Hairy mussels. In this Apulian restaurant with a warm soul from the south, mussels become queens of dishes of the great tradition, proposed according to an ancient recipe and instinctively prepared without too many complications. Good, to taste at will and washed down with a good glass of wine, mieru in Salento dialect. For the classic tiella of rice, potatoes and mussels, better ask on the phone. It is a special dish that is not prepared every day!

MieruMieru.it tel. 0289406320

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