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Supermarkets open on April 25th – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

A missing ingredient, a last minute purchase, more guests than expected: it may happen that you need open supermarkets even if it’s a holiday. On Thursday 25 April Italy celebrates its liberation from Nazi-fascismbut some sales points, from north to south, still guarantee the service.

On the opening, however, also the union protest for the renewal of the contract with Federdistribuzione: the main trade unions have already proclaimed the state of workers’ unrest for Liberation Day. For this reason, supermarkets where employee abstention will be high, they may decide to remain closed due to staff shortages. But if the negotiation for the contract renewal were to be unblocked, the protest could be postponed.

To avoid a wasted ride, the advice is always to pay attention not only to the days, but also to the opening hours, since some supermarkets only open for half a day. We will help you with your search and below you will find the main signs of Italian supermarkets open on 25 April 2024, but the advice of common sense always remains the most important: before going there, check the web and give a call so as to avoid a disappointing exit without results.

Supermarkets open on April 25th


Several Aldi stores will be open on Thursday 25 April, but in each case the opening times are to be verified. On this page you can find the nearest store.


In many cases, Carrefour supermarkets will remain open all day, both in the morning and in the afternoon, but, since the opening hours are different in each store, it is advisable to check the opening of the nearest store.


Conad ensures the opening, on April 25th, of numerous points of sale, from north to south, from Turin to Milan, from Florence to Rome and from Cagliari to Palermo. To find out which supermarkets will be open and at what times, you can consult the shop map.

Coop and Ipercoop

Even for Coop and Ipercoop the extraordinary openings vary depending on the stores, and sometimes they are only open for half a day. All the info on the dedicated page.


Some outlets are open, but each center sets its own opening hours. To check openings, consult the website or call the store directly.


Many stores remain open: to make sure you don’t make mistakes, you can check for each store.

long S

The Esselunga stores plan extraordinary openings for Thursday 25 April. To check the opening times you can consult the website by searching by point of sale.


As regards the Famila sales points, extraordinary openings are planned in Udine, Trieste, Gorizia, Ferrara, Bologna, Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna, Rimini, Bari, Barletta-Andria, Trani, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce, Taranto, Ancona, Pesaro and Urbino, Campobasso, Vicenza, Venice, Padua, Treviso, Rovigo, Belluno, Avellino, Caserta, Salerno and Naples. By clicking on each of the cities you can find out the points of sale and opening times.

The giant

Almost all Il Gigante outlets will be open on Thursday 25 April, even if some only in the morning. Here you can check the times. Only the Cinisello Balsamo shop remains closed (the one in via Aquileia).


Hypermarkets will be open on April 25th. Here you can find the times.


Many Lidl stores will remain open despite the national holiday. Here you can consult the timetables.


To find out the opening hours of Md supermarkets on Thursday 25 April, take a look at the stores page.

Pam Panorama

Many Pam Panorama stores plan to open specially on the anniversary of the Liberation. Here you can check where.


At this link you can find all the information on the nearest point of sale.

Weather forecast for April 25th and what to cook – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Weather forecast for April 25th and what to cook

After the Easter long weekend, it’s time for other days of celebration for Italians. But what do they say? weather forecast for April 25th? Because sun or rain changes the plans of us cooks a lot! Well, we have to tell you that the traditional April 25 picnic might be unstable.

What’s the weather like on April 25th?

To find out what they say weather forecast for April 25th, we relied on the meteo.it press agency, which reports very clearly what the trend will be. “Between Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 April the disturbance arriving from Scandinavia should also affect the Centre-South. Its transit will be accompanied by a new influx of cold airwith temperatures that will remain average or even below: the climate should be particularly cool for the season, particularly in the northern and central regions.

According to the current weather trend, Thursday On April 25th the disturbance will bring residual rainfall to the middle Adriatic and the south before finally moving away from Italy in the second part of the day. The weather trend for the following days and the long weekend of April 25th is still very uncertain: according to the latest updates, a rather cold climate for the season, with temperatures average or even below.”

What to cook on April 25th?

Since the weather in Italy is uncertain or even rainy, the menu for April 25th really has no limits. In practice, if you can indulge in the classic picnic in the meadows or on the beach green light for gourmet sandwiches, pasta salads, parmigianas, grills and barbecues without too many problems. In reverse, the rest of Italy may have to give up going out in the open airbut if you have a sheltered balcony or terrace you might still be able to cook two ribs on the grill!

Our suggestion when the weather is uncertain it is best to choose to prepare recipes which, in the event of an unexpected awakening with the sun, can be quickly transported. Today you could cook lasagna, parmesan, savory pies, tarts, tiramisu, which if lucky can be put in Tupperware.

Otherwise, for those who choose to be cautious anyway, we recommend a hearty first course, followed by Sunday roast meatballs accompanied by fried vegetables, and an excellent dessert such as trifle.

Here are many recipes for your April 25th

The tastiest recipes for the week of October 25th – Italian Cuisine

The tastiest recipes for the week of October 25th

What to cook during the week of October 25? Here are the best recipes for quick and easy first, second and desserts

Each week it can be a challenge to always cook something different and at the same time satisfy daily needs. The recipes must be quick and easy, but still capable of teasing the palate through creative ideas and combinations never tried before.

This week we have thought of everything: in the gallery above you will find 10 recipes including first, second and desserts to alternate the great classics with more original dishes.

What cooks the week of October 25: first courses

Let's start with a first course of the tradition that we can finally enjoy in all its glory: pasta and beans, just like they do in Lombardy, to warm up during the coldest days of October.

Discover new flavors with less common ingredients: try our celeriac risotto, easy to prepare and surprisingly fragrant!

THE unique dishes they are an excellent idea for the week: those who want to stay lighter, can rely on seasonal salads, for example based on endive, radicchio, pears and aromatic bread; those who prefer a more substantial meal can opt for this spicy stew served together with pilaf pasta, or baked in the oven.

What cooks the week of October 25: main courses

What's second? If you are in a hurry you can focus on simple recipes. Chicken breast with lemon (if done in a workmanlike manner) never tires, while to give a little liveliness to the usual sole just add the right ingredients, as in this recipe ready in 15 minutes.

Even during the week there is space for a special evening, perhaps in the company of friends. Why not try making burgers at home, including bread? Here we explain how to do it super soft buns with a mouth-watering spiced chicken burger.
Do not worry, we also have one for lovers of cuisine based on fish: mackerel, an inexpensive fish rich in excellent health-promoting properties, is delicious with the crunchy crust of breadsticks, pine nuts and orange that we offer in this recipe.

What cooks the week of October 25: desserts

There snack it is essential during the week, because it is a way to disconnect and recharge your energy. We have two sweet breaks in mind, one genuine and the other super greedy.

The timeless apple puffs are prepared in no time with the ready puff pastry, but if you want to get serious, try this soft brown and dark chocolate cake. A real bomb.

Look at all the recipes for this week in the gallery above.

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