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Yogurt: a complete menu from appetizer to dessert

From white to Greek, yogurt can be used in many recipes and to accompany different dishes. Some idea? Here it is!

Many people appreciate it yogurt for its sour taste, its velvety texture, the few calories. The less you know about the many recipes you can make with yogurt: you can even prepare a whole menu based on this food, with dishes from appetizers to desserts.

Although there are many on the market, from those thin to those without lactose, from white ones to those with fruit, up to the most famous and most used in the kitchen, it Greek yogurt, you might even think about making yogurt at home. If you have time and desire you can follow ours recipe and make your yogurt, adapting it as much as possible to your taste. And, once ready, bring it to the table with these dishes!

Starters with yogurt

So let's start our menu from the appetizer, with a very tasty one Tzatziki sauce perfect for seasoning – for example – croutons with salmon, yummy falafel with whole white yogurt seasoned with lemon juice, a pinch of salt and chopped mint leaves or even some hard-boiled eggs with yogurt and tuna, seasoned with oil and pepper and a Gazpacho with vegetables and chicken.

The first with yogurt

Let's now pass to the first courses, starting from summer and fresh recipes like the tricolor cold pasta with zucchini or the salmon pasta and yogurt, going through a delicate risotto with cream of leeks with green curry, vegetables and fish, with yogurt to give consistency and flavor and ending with many velvety (to be enjoyed also cold with hot) to which the yogurt gives creaminess and taste.

Seconds with yogurt

Even the main courses with the yogurt base are many and all very special. It is the case of this fanciful Greek sandwich, perfect as a street food to take to the park for a picnic and a quick second to prepare that will make even the little ones happy, or this one salty cake with endive and brie. With yogurt you can accompany a second course of fish like the salmon fillet, gods king prawns in grains with oranges, a mini vegetarian burger with quinoa. Yogurt is also perfect for marinate the meat pork and make it more tender and delicate.

Fruit and yogurt

When you arrive at fruit the combinations really become countless. A selection of the best recipes leads us to recommend the most classic combination with strawberries – also in version granita – and the most extravagant fruit skewer. More generally, yogurt is perfect with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries and in a centrifuged with apples and berries.

Final dessert

Our menu ends with the dessert and the list is almost endless. In our selection, we cannot miss the simple but always in fashion cake with yogurt, one froth with red fruits, the cake seven jars, the cake Daisy is that Mimosa with strawberries, the one with the coconut.

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