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Working from home, 5 tricks for not gaining weight

Smart working. Heavy legs? Swollen belly and extra pounds? Here's what to do at the table to remove the risk of gaining weight by working from home

For those who work from home, in these long smart working months, the more sedentary life, the sense of loneliness, mistakes at the table and, often, the little time available to prepare meals risk promoting weight gain. In order not to get fat, the first rule to follow is to try to move around at home and divide the food intake into 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus 2 snacks. "This strategy allows you to have energy and satiety for a long time and to avoid bingeing during breaks", suggests the nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo, specialist in clinical biochemistry. "In addition, it always keeps the metabolism active, which a sedentary lifestyle tends to make slower". The expert suggests 5 other tricks for not gaining weight.

Bet on a healthy and super satiating breakfast

When working from home, overdoing overtime snacks is one of the most common temptations that risk weighing on the line. "To avoid overdoing snacks rich in calories, sugars and fats, the first strategy to implement is to ensure that, upon waking, a breakfast complete with all the nutrients that allow the body to have energy and to curb food". So let's avoid just the cup of coffee drunk on the fly. Yes instead to a source of low glycemic index carbohydrates such as bread or whole grain flakes. «Thanks to the richness of fibers and slowly absorbed carbohydrates, they ensure a longer lasting charge. Combined with a portion of proteins they induce satiety . A few examples? «Ricotta is excellent for both a sweet and savory breakfast. Yes to pancakes too. "They are an excellent source of satiating proteins". And, finally, never miss a portion of "healthy" fats. "A teaspoon of chia seeds, for example, provides a large amount of essential fatty acids, which support mood and promote brain activity".

Avoid too hasty meals

In the kitchen and at the table, no rush. As for cooking, those that are too aggressive, such as grilling and boiling, should be avoided. "The first stimulates the production of Age substances (Advanced Glycation End products), which inflame the cells and promote aging. Boiling, on the other hand, risks the dispersion of micronutrients useful for keeping fit and healthy . Even at the table it is important to consume the different meals of the day calmly. "Slow chewing allows you to avoid the accumulation of gas in the intestine, which favors a swollen belly. In addition, it allows you to eat less because it allows you to feel satiety earlier .

For lunch and dinner do not miss the vegetables

In addition to providing very few calories and giving satiety, vegetables act as real "scavengers". «Enzymes, vitamins, such as vitamin C and minerals, in particular potassium and magnesium, of which they are rich, help to dispose of metabolic waste, says nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo. "Thanks to the high fiber content, they are also a panacea for the intestine that the more sedentary lifestyle can make lazy. They stimulate transit and help get rid of excess toxins. In addition, in addition to being laxative, thanks to the richness of water they have a diuretic effect that counteracts water retention .

During the breaks, munch on dried fruit

Does concentration drop and hunger increase during the morning or afternoon? “Eating a handful of walnuts or a spoonful of sunflower or pumpkin seeds may be the solution. They guarantee micronutrients and polyunsaturated fatty acids that support memory and mood and at the same time counteract fatigue ", suggests the expert. «In addition, they help not to easily transgress with unhealthy snacks because they give satiety.

In the evening meal, avoid cheese and salami

In the evening it can happen to feel exhausted and have little desire to cook. A mistake that is often made in the evening meal is to overdo it with meats and cheeses, which should instead be brought to the table by reducing the portions and the frequency of consumption. "They are rich in calories and sodium, which promote weight gain and water retention. They also contain tyramine and saturated fats, which slow down digestion . In addition, they hinder the rest, essential not only to feel snappy and full of energy the next day, but also to avoid gaining weight. "During sleep, the body's fat cells produce leptin, which lowers the levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. The advantages? It reduces the sense of appetite and helps to better manage the desire to fail during the day .

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