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Wired Next Fest 2020, the final appointment

From Digital to a New World is the theme of the final days of Wired Next Fest live from the IBM studios in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan on 9 and 10 October

The Wired Next Fest, the largest free participation event in Italy dedicated to innovation, organized in collaboration with Audi, closes its 4-month journey with an appointment scheduled for 9 and 10 October live from IBM Studios of Piazza Gae Aulenti, in the Porta Nuova area of ​​Milan.

We spent months talking to each other only through a screen. Digital technologies have allowed us to shop, order a pizza, see a movie without going to the cinema. And they allowed our children to continue studying. The lockdown measures imposed to contain the new coronavirus pandemic have changed our habits, helping us to build a new normal, made of daily gestures amplified by technology.

For the final days of Wired Next Fest, Wired has chosen to tell the life after the pandemic, the restart after months of lockdown spent closed at home (re) building a normality thanks to the screen of a smartphone. That is the passage From Digital to a New World.

"In these months of 2020 we have often heard repeated how the Coronavirus affair has accelerated various digitization processes. That's what happened at the Wired Next Fest. After the 2019 edition, we decided to transform this event into a television format as well, behaving like a broadcaster. This is what we have done, using the Net and social networks. The goal was to make this project unique, with a mix of digital and live experience. An experience that returns in the last leg of the Wired Next Fest 2020, on 9 and 10 October ", he explains Federico Ferrazza, director of Wired Italia.

On stage, interviewed by the journalists of the editorial staff of Wired, writers, intellectuals, artists and university professors will take turns, called to try to imagine what people's daily lives will be like after the pandemic. Among these: the famous sociologist of technology Zeynep Tüfekçi, engaged in studying the impact of big data and artificial intelligence on society, Jim Al-Khalili, physicist and popularizer, face of science on the BBC, Cory Doctorow, journalist and writer, philosopher of network and co-editor of the famous blog Boing Boing, the 15-year-old activist Marlene Dias, who at ten with the hashtag # 1000blackgirlbooks in support of female empowerment was received at the White House, the novelist William Boyd, considered one of the greatest writers living English, the Israeli writer Eshkol Nevo, whose novel "Three floors" inspired the screenplay of the next film by Nanni Moretti, the bestselling author Joël Dicker, the president of Alitalia TAI Francesco Caio, the singer of Primal Scream Bobby Gillespie , Sara Pastor, System Engineer at ESA who is designing the modules to live on the Moon, Danilo Coppe, the explosivist who coordinated the demolition of the Morandi bridge, the journalist expert on American things Simona Siri, Dan Gerstein, political analyst and founder of one of the most important ghostwriting agencies in America, Geppi Cucciari, TV presenter and AIRC ambassador, actor Alessio Boni, who will talk about "Revenge room", documentary on revenge porn presented in Venice, the handyman Piero Scaruffi, Luca Parmitano, ESA astronaut, the Italian who has spent more time on board the International Space Station, the data scientist Francesca Dominici, than at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health uses big data to research health policies and climate change, the Norwegian explorer and writer Erling Kagge, the first man to reach the South Pole alone, the economist and former INPS president Tito Boeri with the journalist Sergio Rizzo, authors of the book “Take back the state. How Italy can start again, Guido Silvestri, pathologist, immunologist, virologist, science writer, Raffaele Alberto Ventura, journalist and writer, the English illusionist with millions of clicks Luca Gallone, Leo Gassmann, songwriter and winner of the Sanremo Youth Festival 2020 , the actress and singer Margherita Vicario, Sofia Viscardi, founder and artistic director of Venti, Helio Di Nardo, CEO of Show Reel Factory, the rapper Frah Quintale, who in June released the first part of the double album "Banzai", Ceri, one of the most important producers of contemporary Italian music, the singer, musician and producer Cosmo, Franco "Bifo" Berardi, essayist, philosopher and cultural agitator, who will present the "Lullabies of the Apocalypse" written with the musician Marco Bertoni, the science fiction writer Dario Tonani, author of the Mondo9 saga, the singer Cristina D'Avena, an icon for three generations of children, the youtubers of Casa Surace with their irony on habits and customs of the South, the stand-up comedian Valerio Lundini, Anna, a rising star of the Italian rap scene, the songwriters Colapesce and Dimartino, who this year climbed the charts with their album "I mortali", the singer-songwriter The Sleeping Tree, the influencer with over a million followers on Instagram Camihawke, Giorgio "POW3R" Calandrelli, the most popular professional gamer in Italy who is about to publish an autobiographical book, the hard actor Rocco Siffredi together with his son director Lorenzo Tano, the cartoonist symbol of a Zerocalcare generation, Marco Villa, former director of SpaceX operations, now engaged in a search for potentially dangerous asteroids for the Earth, Chiara Montanari, the first Italian to have led an expedition to Antarctica, the bass player by Jovanotti Saturnino and the biotech scientist Ennio Tasciotti who will present Medicine Rocks, a fundraising project to support research on immunotherapy and named in memory of the record producer Tommaso Cavanna, the new promises of Italian music between pop and electronic Hån, aka Giulia Fontana, and LIM, aka Sofia Gallotti, and then, Kety Fusco, internationally recognized electronic harpist, Generic Animal , a musical project suspended between trap, rock and hip hop by Luca Galizia, a rising figure of the Italian indie who boasts important collaborations from Ketama126, Rkomi, Mecna, pretty Solero up to Massimo Pericolo and Franco 126, the singer-songwriter and musician Andrea Laszlo De Simone, whose latest album "Immensity" was critically acclaimed, Riccardo Pasqua, managing director of Pasqua vineyards and cellars, Nexi Dirk Pinamonti's Head of e-commerce and Mastercard's Vice President Business Development Luca Corti, who will talk about prospects for digital payments, the designer and creative Ludovica Basso, aka Clorophilla, Izzy Du, a 21-year-old designer who works on intelligent garments made with a inaction of enabled fibers and lotus effect technology, so as to keep clean autonomously Carolina Giorgiani, who deals with upcycling of cigarette butts to create a sustainable and biodegradable material called Butt-e, Marcel McClinton, who has developed an app for the Generation Z with the aim of increasing voter literacy and involvement by aggregating content and resources on a single platform, Filippo Spiezia, Founder & Curator Digital Design Days & Awards, Tudor Laurini aka Klaus, content creator and music producer who has made social media its ecosystem by creating a privileged channel of communication with his generation, the "ultrapop" illustrator Gio Pastori, famous for his use of the collage technique, who will hold a workshop entitled "How to make an illustration ? ".

The appointment will be broadcast and disseminated on Wired.it, on Next.Wired.it, the Wired portal dedicated to its events, and on Wired Italia's social channels.

As in past editions, Audi will be present at the Wired Next Fest, with which it shares the drive for continuous innovation and the commitment to improve the future, through the development of avant-garde technologies that have always characterized its DNA. On this occasion, Audi will take stock of We generation, the project dedicated to young people, developed together with H-FARM, to support the culture of innovation and change.

The Wired Next Fest, with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, is also made possible thanks to the support of some partners:

Mobile Partner: Huawei;
Main Partner: E-Distribuzione, Mastercard, Nexi, UniCredit;
Event supporter: Easter vineyards and cellars;
Production: Plan B;

AIRC Foundation is content partner of the Wired Next Fest.

At the end of the 6 digital events, the results of the wired next fest testify to the great participation of the new digital event, totaling 155,000 views of live streaming, over 250,000 video views via social platforms, 6 MIO impressions and finally a social reach value equal to 5 MIO .

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