Wiener Schnitzel with red potatoes by Eugenio Boer – Italian Cuisine

A simple recipe, told on Instagram to be able to replicate it at home in these quarantine days. Like? With lots of butter!

"Staying at home after so many years of uninterrupted work is really strange": today at the#Dinner time, the appointment in live Instagram by the director of La Cucina Italiana Maddalena Fossati is with the chef Eugenio Boer which explains his current mood. At home with Carlotta, his fiancée and master of his Milanese restaurant Bu: r, they walk their little dog and every day they post gods video on Instagram offering simple recipes: "We thought of doing this content to keep people company and give some advice for cooking at home".

Wiener Schnitzel with red potatoes and lots of butter

So what are you going to cook tonight? The director urges him. "We will make some Wiener schnitzel with red potatoes. The chicken steaks we bread them with del dry bread coarsely grated and cook them in butter watering them continuously. Cut the potatoes into slices keeping the peel and sauté them in a pan where we melted abundant butter. We season with salt, herbs and curry. During cooking we must always add butter to keep the temperature constant and not to burn it. An alternative is to blanch the potatoes first, drain them, dry them and then sauté them in the pan with the butter ".

In search of truth, in search of Italy

And why not, butter could make it tastier too a simple toast, the salvacena, or rather, the chef's favorite comfort food: “We brown the sandwich bread with butter, we will make it with good fontina and quality cooked ham. What more could you want? ”. But what is the recipe for starting after quarantine instead? “People will go looking for the truth, of everything that is done with the heart and with the desire to make people feel good, from coffee to bar to gastronomic dinner. For a long time nobody will come from abroad and nobody will leaveItalytherefore we must enhance what we have and which we all envy, we rediscover our land, our biodiversity, our abilities ".

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