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There are many varieties of aubergines, but there is one really rare: here is the white aubergine, its origins and the differences with the traditional one

The white aubergines They exist. You don't see around in supermarkets, but there and how. They are almost identical to the most common purple-peeled aubergines, but have some differences in addition to color. Let's start first of all from their origin.

Where do white aubergines come from?

Their origin is not known with certainty, but they probably originate from Turkey: white eggplants do not like cold and are cultivated more easily where temperatures are high.

Where can they be found? White eggplants are more widespread in some regions of southern Italy, such as the Sicily, the Basilicata or the Puglia, mainly in family gardens. They are very difficult to find on the market and are instead suitable for home cultivation, being a more robust and resistant vegetable.

The differences between white aubergine and purple aubergine

White eggplants are smooth, of a bright color and can have both a round and an elongated shape. Their peel it's more thin compared to that of the classic aubergine and they are almost seedless.


The external aspect is the characteristic that differentiates it the most: the taste it's almost the same, slightly more delicate and less bitter, still maintaining that strong and spicy flavor typical of classic aubergines. Being quite compact, it succeeds absorb less oil, so it's perfect to be fried!

For all these reasons, white aubergine lends itself well to traditional preparations and recipes. If you can find it or if you are lucky enough to receive it as a gift, its unusual color will surprise the guests. For the rest, you can treat it just like its most famous relative: cook it to grid, to the oven or fried, Use it to dress pasta or bruschetta, to prepare the parmigiana, the caponata or from rolls creative.

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