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Which pumpkin to use for risotto?

Long, round, green, yellow, wrinkled, from Mantua or Chioggia? For every recipe you need the right pumpkin

It will be its warm color reminiscent of the summer just passed or thanks to its versatility: with pumpkin you can prepare an entire menu from appetizers to desserts. Long, round, green, yellow, wrinkled. Our Peninsula is truly lavish with pumpkins. But how, among so many varieties, to choose the pumpkin to use according to our recipe?

Which pumpkin to use for risotto?

Which pumpkin for risotto? For a good risotto a pumpkin from the dense pulp, low in fiber and filaments, so the best is the pumpkin "Priest's hat" typical of the Reggio and Mantuan plains; its skin turns from sage green to gray. Very similar, therefore also suitable for risotto, is pumpkin "Marina di Chioggia". These two pumpkins are perfect for risotto and to prepare the filling of two great first courses in Italian gastronomic history, the cappellacci of Ferrara and i tortelli from Mantua.

Balance the sweet taste of the pumpkin

As we learn from the recipes of these two traditional first courses, the sweetness of the pumpkin must always be balanced by a acid ingredient or bitter. Nutmeg is used in the cappellacci of Ferrara and in the tortelli of Mantua Amaretti biscuits And mustard. All the best dishes with pumpkin have something sour or bitter among the ingredients: amaretti, mustard, vinegar, lemon, radicchio. Or cheeses with intense aromas such as Gorgonzola or the Taleggio cheese.

Which pumpkin to use for soups?

With the arrival of autumn, one begins to want one hot soup. To prepare the soup we choose the variety "Long" of Naples or "Neapolitan". This pumpkin has a cylindrical and slightly elongated shape with a streaked green color on the outside and orange on the inside. This type can be eaten in salads, steamed or baked. It is also perfect for making desserts.

Choose a flavorful pumpkin

Whether it is from Mantua, Chioggia or Naples, it is essential that our pumpkin is also good. When the pumpkin is whole, how do we know if it is tasty? It is necessary to observe the lower part opposite the petiole. Right at that point, if the squash is good, we'll notice a brown gray color. Once we have bought the pumpkin we can leave it whole for up to two months. If, on the other hand, we cut and clean it, it must be consumed within a couple of days.

Above our recipes for risotto with pumpkin!

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