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Where do chefs go on vacation?

Away with the chef's jackets and aprons, it's time to put on your swimsuit and take a dip in the sea

Sooner or later thesummer comes for everyone, even for the most beloved cooks. After a year spent in the kitchen and on TV, our favorites can finally forget about ladles and pans to devote themselves to beach, fun is family.

We took a ride on Instagram to find out where they went to spend holidays some of the most famous protagonists of Italian cuisine. Here's what we found, between do you travel wonderful and so many beautiful smiles.

Nothing is more important than the family

The long-awaited summer holidays are definitely the time for detaching from stress of everyday life, but they are above all the occasion to finally and completely dedicate ourselves to the people we love. Just like he writes Davide Oldani on his Instagram profile, directly from the Sardinia: "Then comes that moment in which you" unplug "and dedicate yourself to them … Our children are the most incredible thing in the world".

After the holidays in Cilento, also for Chiara Maci is Filippo La Mantia it's time to spend happy moments with your family, this time in Sicily.

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Also Bastianich spend the holidays with his children in Sardinia, but there is certainly no lack of time to dedicate oneself to one's own well-being. What could be better than sitting in the water sipping a nice cold beer?

Vacation – Work

There are also those who are not on holiday, like Simone Rugiati, which already announced a special trip a few weeks ago. The first half of his so-called vacation – work was the archipelago of Cape Verde.

But that's not all: in one of his last posts, Simone encourages fans to follow him on a new journey to the Turkey. Waiting to leave, he relaxes on theElba island, writing on the social networks: "I love traveling the world but often we have paradise at home … Long live ITALY!"

In gallery at the top, all the most beautiful and funny shots that our favorite chefs shared with us on Instagram: Massimo Bottura, Bruno Barbieri, Davide Oldani, Alessandro Borghese, Cristina Bowermann, Filippo La Mantia and Chiara Maci, Joe Bastianich and Simone Rugiati.

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