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How to turn tomatoes into containers? Some ideas to fill it in a tasty way

Fragrant, firm and very red, here are the best tomatoes of the year that arrive on our tables only in summer.
They are rich in vitamins, they have few calories, they are good for the heart and for the eyes. In short, we eat lots of tomatoes when they are good and in season because they are a true elixir of long life.
But if you are tired of the classic Caprese or Greek salad, or if you think that tomatoes are only good for making sauce, then try to change perspective.
Here are some ideas for using tomatoes both large and small as a container for pasta salads or rice or mousse.

stuffed tomatoes
Stuffed tomatoes.

Which tomatoes to choose?

All tomatoes are good, but some lend themselves more than others to some preparations.
Use the ox hearts that are delicious in the summer and choose them ripe and rich in pulp when you cook them in the oven, and greener when you have to use them raw.
Use small tomatoes with cherries and tomatoes from Pachino for finger foods because they are ideal containers for mousses and creams. Even the San Marzano lend themselves very well to raw preparations.

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