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Incorrect postures and bad habits can promote the appearance of back pain, postural pain and vision problems. Here are the tips to fight them

Smart working can encourage the onset of problems related to posture. Not only back pain, cervical, but also discomfort and small visual disturbances. According to estimates, 7 out of 10 people who work at home suffer from it in the last period. One of the risk factors that most favor disorders is sedentary lifestyle. When working from home many times, there is a tendency to move little and consequently there is a greater risk of experiencing the accumulation of kilos and being overweight. Both of these factors facilitate the appearance of back pain, joint and muscle pain. Many times, moreover, when working from home instead of working sitting at a desk, one prefers to work on the bed or on the sofa, assuming unnatural and incorrect positions for several hours of the day which overload muscles and joints and cause problems in the neck, shoulders, back and even to the eyes. Among the most common postural disorders, low back pain, vagal seizures, accompanied by a sense of nausea, exhaustion and dizziness, and the cervical stand out. But there is more. Staring at a screen for an extended period in an incorrect position can also have negative consequences for the health of the eyes and eyesight, favoring the appearance of asthenopic disorders such as dry eyes, fatigue, burning sensation and blurred vision. But what are the tips to follow to prevent and treat problems related to smart working? Here are the useful tips.

The solutions that help

To avoid problems, the first thing to pay attention to when working from home is the position you take in front of the computer screen. "To avoid vision problems, you must always keep it at eye level," he suggests Angela Amodio, physiotherapist specialized in neurorehabilitation. To avoid postural problems, however, "it can help to take a break at least every half hour, walking around the house. Sitting for hours and hours in an incorrect position causes numbness in the muscles which can lead to more acute pathologies such as neck pain, vagal seizures, nausea and dizziness ". To promote correct posture, it can also be useful «to use an ergonomic chair that enhances the lumbar spine. Furthermore, during the day it is necessary to do a series of exercises to train muscle mobility. Finally, to treat postural problems, valuable help comes from Theal Therapy, a type of laser therapy that thanks to the wavelengths acts directly on the inflammatory component, reducing pain due to bad postures at the root ", suggests the expert.

Smart working and tiredness
Smart working and tiredness.

10 useful tips to counteract pain and discomfort related to smart working

Take a break every half hour
At least every 30 minutes get up from your chair and move around the house. It will help you avoid muscle stasis linked to prolonged periods of inactivity and restart blood circulation.

Choose an ergonomic chair
Incorrect postures are often due to non-ergonomic positions. Using an office chair or using cushions or lifts that align the vertebrae will help prevent them.

Attention to the height of the PC screen
The screen should be kept at the same height as the eyes in order to avoid asthenopic disorders and stiffness in the cervical tract.

Do dynamic mobility exercises
Raise your arms upwards or perform squats. It will help you keep your muscle compartment active.

Create an appropriate workspace
While working at your desk, rest your arms on the surface. Instead, avoid working on the armchair or bed.

Take care of your diet
The prevention of back pain and joint and muscle pain begins at the table. A healthy and balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, helps to keep away from excess pounds.

Drink lots of water
Hydration is essential. It helps regulate body temperature, promotes digestion and the elimination of excess toxins.

Stay away from stress
The tensions that build up in the muscle often cause discomfort and pain. Try to maintain regular rhythms and times.

Take a correct position in bed
Resting well helps you to be more focused and productive. For this reason it is advisable to sleep in a supine position with a pillow under the legs or on the side with a pillow between the legs.

A help from laser therapy
Thanks to the photobiomodulation process of Theal Therapy it is possible to quickly recover from low back pain and other postural problems.

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