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With his numerous layers, his strong taste and its ripping effect tears, the onion in dreams can be a symbol of a problem unvoiced, a complicated situation or the unconscious desire of go to the bottom of it or of themselves. Obviously, it is important to take into account the personal situation, but also how much you love onion. Let's see in detail.

Dream of cutting the onion

Cut the onion and, consequently, to cry it is an image that already speaks for itself: dreaming about it reminds us that something is wrong and that it does suffer. Instead, to dream of leafing through the onion could be linked to the need to gradually come to the solution of a problem, one hidden truth or a hidden side of one's personality, just like flicking the onion.

Dreaming of eating an onion

If you eat the raw onion is indigestible for you, dreaming of doing so could lead to heavy situations that you are facing with fatigue and courage, despite the difficulty. Feeling an unpleasant taste or smell symbolizes the disgust against what is happening.

Onion in dreams: there is also a positive aspect …

Since we use onion for flavor the dishes, cooking the onion in dreams could be an attempt to fight a problem, of improve a negative situation or the arrival of a solution.

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