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Weekly menu: convenient, but how is it done?

Between work, home and family, cooking during the week becomes difficult, which is why it is important to structure a weekly menu. We give you some practical advice and lots of useful apps

Prepare children, take them to school, go to the office, order groceries for lunch, pick up shirts in the laundry, come home from the office, pick up the children from their grandparents, help them with homework … who has want to go to the stove after a day like this?

Often at the end of the day the strength to cook is lacking, so here it can be helpful to think of a weekly menu so as to organize everything in advance. In our gallery you will find some practical advice on how to move forward on the weekend while below app to organize the weekly menu directly with a click and a few sample recipes throughout the week.

The importance of the weekly menu

Organizing the weekly menu basically means thinking about the previous weekend already what to cook from Monday to Friday and prepare the ingredients, or even the dishes, in advance, so that from day to day they are ready to use and only to be assembled or heated.

The apps to organize the weekly menu

The app they are a very useful tool always at hand to organize daily life, therefore also the menu of the week. Here are some really simple to use and you can download with a click.

Food Planner allows you to draw up the shopping list and then bring back the recipes, which will be part of the menu, so as to give life to a kind of recipe book. This app offers the possibility to share data even with other connected mobile devices.

Easy Menu Planner allows you to compose lunch and dinner menus, inserting the dishes to prepare, each accompanied by the list of ingredients. Also present in this app the fundamental option to write the shopping list.

Recipe Calendar allows you to choose a menu from the existing ones or to create an ad hoc one, based on your favorite foods or the calories allowed. This app also allows you to make the shopping list for each recipe.

Meal Planner allows you to easily organize the week's menu, searching for existing recipes for those you need to complete the plan, or creating new ones.

Pepperplate is an app that allows several options: collect the recipes already loaded, make the shopping list and organize the meal prep. Furthermore, it is multi-platform, meaning the contents synchronize on all connected devices.

Plan to Eatfinally, it automatically generates the shopping list, based on the previous recipes.

An example of a weekly menu

Here we give you some recipe suggestions, all signed La Cucina Italiana, to build a balanced, healthy and tasty weekly menu.

Monday: At lunch, salad of barley and chickpeas and, at dinner, cream of pumpkin (here you will find 5 variations, all delicious)

Tuesday: For lunch, pasta with smoked salmon (here you can find the most delicious recipes) and, for dinner, chickpea balls

Wednesday: For lunch, wholemeal fusilli with vegetables and, at dinner, sfilatino with purple chickpea cream and tempeh

Thursday: At lunch, cod in bean salad and, at dinner, mackerel with spring onion and crunchy crumb

Friday: For lunch, baked pumpkin and, at dinner, vegetable soup.

Browse the tutorial now for some tips to organize the weekly menu

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