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The Potatoe's Rosti it is a famous Swiss recipe that can be served as an appetizer, a second course or a side dish, but however you decide to take it to the table, you will always agree because it's delicious. Besides, who doesn't like fried and baked potatoes, crunchy and tasty?

Raw or cooked potatoes?

Rosti can be made with both boiled potatoes and raw potatoes, it depends a bit on the consistency you want to obtain. With boiled potatoes you will get a softer rosti.
Choose some fairly new potatoes that are of a quality suitable for cooking in the oven or in a pan. Those with yellow paste and rich in starch are the ideal. Those with white paste are less good.

Potatoe's Rosti
Potato fritters with herring and sour cream sauce.


To prepare the rosti you necessarily need this tool.
If you have a multi-function grater, use the larger holes.
Do not chop or blend the potatoes because you will not get the same result. Also avoid cutting them with a knife. The grater is the only tool suitable for this preparation.

Basic recipe of rosti and variants

Grate 200 gr of raw peeled potatoes. Squeeze them very well to remove the water and then season them with aromatic herbs or spices for roast (sage, pepper, chopped rosemary), salt and pepper.
Compact them with your hands, forming different rosti of the size you prefer and then cook in a non-stick pan with little oil, or a immersion with hot oil or again in the oven at 220 ° for about 10-15 minutes. You can also use a cup-dough to make many equal rosti, but it is not essential, the important thing is that the circle of potatoes is well compact.

You can prepare an excellent rosti even with blanched potatoes for a few minutes. Use a grater with wide holes and always proceed in the same way.
You can add pepper and spices, including Parmesan to the basic mixture, in addition to salt.
The lightest cooking is in stone pans because less oil can be used, but many prefer to fry.

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