We challenge a star chef to make a gourmet dinner on a low budget – Italian Cuisine

When we think of a starred kitchen we think of luxury, precious and hard to find products. Caviar, Fois Gras, Champagne, intense flavors for a few very few.
But is it really so? What makes a dish truly unique? Above all: you can make one gourmet dinner with a budget of 30 euros?

We launched this challenge to a great chef of our country,Tommaso Arrigoni, restaurant owner Innocent Evasions in Milan, always in search of taste, environment and high quality service and holder of the coveted Michelin star. Under Tommaso's suggestion, we have made a varied expense with easily available goods that we can all find in supermarkets. Challenge accepted and successfully overcome! We have witnessed the metamorphosis of the poorest products.
We started with a soup of bread, buffalo and spring onion with egg yolk and summer truffle, with an intense but at the same time very delicate taste, to end with a very crunchy crumble of caramelized bread crust with strawberries and goat yogurt. An explosion of taste and consistency. In the chef's kitchen we were immediately enveloped by heady scents.
His mastery has made each movement a hypnotic dance and minimal and elegant settings thanks to the use of the brand's products Sambonet, have transformed simplicity into beauty and wonder for eyes and palate.

In fact, the chef says «cutlery is, like the dish, a fundamental element in the experience of a starry dinner. They must be beautiful, iconic but above all comfortable to use and functional. Personally I prefer the silver ones with a modern shape and I am very careful that the size is proportionate to the serving dish. In addition to this I pay much attention to detail, I think it is a fundamental element in a culinary experience where everything is taken care of in detail, from the dishes, to the setting, to the lights up to the engraving of the Michelin star on the cutlery .

But now just talk.
Didn't you get your mouth watering?

Content created by Condé Nast Social Academy with the support of Sambonet.

Text by: Francesca Ferraiola @francescaferraiola Production: Alessia Caliendo @alessiacaliendo Photo by: Gaetano Alfano @ gaetanoalfano80 Assistant: Lucia Radaelli

Thanks to star chef Tommaso Arrigoni di Innocenti Evasioni @arrigonitom @innocenti_evasioni

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