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Watermelon with lemon: it's a great idea

Have you ever eaten watermelon with a sprinkling of lemon on top? It's time to try!

When in summer the heat stuns, only one thing can come to our rescue and save us: a big slice of watermelon.

Sweet is refreshing, this fruit is a real pleasure to be enjoyed throughout the summer. Watermelon is very good as it is, but we assure you that with a splash of lemon it will be like tasting it for the first time.

In particular, in some areas of southern Italy, watermelon – also called watermelon or water melon – is served with lemon wedges to squeeze directly onto the slice or on the fruit cubes.

Don't wait: here are some good reasons to try this combination.

1. It is refreshing

Watermelon, with his 92% of water, is one of the most fruits refreshing that there are. This, combined with the antioxidant properties and the mineral salts of the lemon, helps us even better fight heat summer.

2. It is good for health (and for the line)

Eating watermelon with lemon definitely increases the quantities of C vitamin, present in both fruits.
Moreover, a slice of watermelon from 300 g contains approx 45 calories, while 100 g of lemon juice only 6 calories: it is therefore an excellent match for the summer diets, to be consumed preferably on an empty stomach. The large amount of water contained in the watermelon helps to soothe hunger.

3. It is a natural aphrodisiac

Watermelon is also identified as natural viagra, due to a substance contained within it, in particular in the white part close to the peel. It is about citrulline, an amino acid that is converted in our body into arginine, another amino acid that favors the improved blood flow.

Following this discovery, a phantom has spread homemade viagra recipe, which provides watermelon pureed with lemon juice. In reality it is not clear how much watermelon is necessary to obtain the desired effects, since the quantity of citrulline contained in a slice of watermelon is minimal. But trying not hurt!

4. Watermelon with lemon … delicious!

The last reason, the most important: the watermelon with lemon is very good! In the end it's all a matter of flavor.
The sweetness of the watermelon and the more acid taste of the lemon are an explosive pair. Once tested, you won't come back!

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