Venice lagoon and Valdobbiadene: the prosecco tour – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Arriving in Venice and immediately getting on a boat is one of the most exciting and evocative experiences you can have. Sailing in the Venice lagoon is truly a daydream.
In addition to the classic tours around the island of Venicego and discover the smaller islands, much calmer and with real gems to discover.

Murano: among glass factories to visit and fish restaurants

As your first port of call, stop in Murano, theglassworks island.
Once upon a time, the foundries and glassworks were actually on the island of Venice, but the risk of fire was always very high, and so they were all moved to a nearby island, Murano. In this way the history of Murano glass art was born.

We went to visit the Schiavon artistic glass factory, where demonstrations are organized to raise awareness of glass processing hand blown glasswhich also inspired the iconic “millerighe” bottle patented by the Valdobbiadene company Foss Marai.

After the visit, treat yourself to a lunch or dinner based on fish in a suggestive position in Murano, on the enchanting terrace over the water Ai Piantaleoni restaurantwhere you will be delighted with typical products of the area, especially fish-based dishes such as canestrelli, mini scallops.

Burano: among colours, biscuits and lace

THE colors of Burano they literally fill your eyes and soul. It is said that historically the houses, almost all of fishermen, were colored with bright colors, the same color as the sails of the boats so that the women left at home could recognize their husbands’ boats returning from fishing, and the husbands could find a house easily. In reality, another reason is that since all houses are typically very narrow and tall and very close together, the delimitation of the property through color had to be clearly visible and clear.
Take a walk through its streets and stop to take and taste Burano biscuits Bussolai with a characteristic donut shape.
If you are a lover of the genre, also stop in some of the boutiques lace handmade.
If you want to continue the walk, go to the nearby one Mazzorbo islanda green oasis of pure peace, where the starred restaurant Venissa is also located, which also has rooms to stay in and a bistro with outdoor tables.

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