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Venetian liver: the recipe

The most famous and easy recipe based on liver. Here are the tips for not making a mistake

The Venetian liver is a recipe typical of the Venetian culinary tradition. The main feature of this dish is the contrast between the sweet taste of onions and the intense taste of the liver.
The secret lies in the slow cooking of onions that I almost have to become a cream and adding lemon, wine or vinegar, or an acidic ingredient to dampen the taste of the liver.
The ideal accompaniment to this very tasty second course is a mashed potatoes.

Origins of the recipe

It is said that this recipe has a very ancient history and that it even comes fromRoman times.
The name of the liver, in fact, derives from ficatum because the Romans used to cook it with figs which were sweet to cover the taste and the strong smell. The figs then over time have been replaced by onion and even today this recipe is among the most famous in our country, and in the world.

The Venetian liver recipe

Wash 500 gr of veal liver under running water and then dry it thoroughly with kitchen paper.
Slice thinly two white onions and stufatele over light heat with oil and a knob of butter in the pan.
Add also a chopped sage and then, when the onions have become very soft, blend with White wine or lemon juice or white vinegar and then add the liver cut into slices or into strips.
Salt at the end of cooking and serve the hot dish with baked potatoes or mashed potatoes.
In some recipes potatoes are cooked together with onions to create an even richer and tastier liver dressing.

As you have seen, preparing this dish at home is really very simple, but remember to follow the 5 basic rules. Here they are in the tutorial

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