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Vegan shortcrust pastry | Salt and pepper – Italian Cuisine


Look for the recipe to prepare the vegan shortbread, without eggs, without butter or ingredients of animal origin? Then you're in the right place! Discover with Salt and pepper how to prepare a healthy and light pastry, but delicious and fragrant, perfect for preparing pies and cookies for the whole family and for your friends who have food intolerance or food allergies.

There salt & pepper vegan shortbread it is very easy and quick to make; it is made with very few ingredients, easy to find in any supermarket. You can use a kneader or knead on a work surface, the result is always guaranteed: a light, mouldable and crumbly mixture, to be filled with jams or le vegan creams which you like the most. The result will be a delicious but healthy and light dessert!

All you have to do is amaze your guests with the salt & pepper vegan shortbread and a little imagination. It will be an amazing vegan dessert!

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