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Drink this water and stop hating: here is the unicorn sap, made with true love

On the occasion of Pride 2019, the LGBT pride parade, comes a unique drink, prepared with true love, without any discrimination and, above all, without hate. The Linna Unicorno, a limited edition launched by Vitasnella, is the official water of the Pride 2019, distributed free of charge to the participants of the Rome and Milan parades.

Unicorns exist

Unicorns are magical beings, symbol of Pride and LGBT + rights.

"For some people these rights do not exist, like unicorns … but, if you believe it, they exist!.

This is the motto of Vitasnella, which does not propose itself only as water with beneficial virtues for the body care. With the Unicorn Sap, Vitasnella also promotes the uniqueness of each person and the pursuit of 360 degree wellness, supporting the struggle for rights and the freedom to be yourself, the freedom of to love and to live.

Where to find the Unicorn Sap?

Among colors, joy, pride and music, at Pride there is also a need to quench your thirst! For all these reasons, Vitasnella is present at Pride 2019 with the #lamorealmeglio wagon, to distribute free bottles of this precious sap. The next stop to drink unicorn-flavored water is the Milan Pride on June 29th, at the parade departing at 4pm from the Central Station, which will end in Piazza Oberdan with a big party.

The Pride 2019 this year coincides precisely with the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the first march for the rights of 1969 in New York, and will animate the city of Milan with 10 days of events starting from June 21st.

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