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Trends 2019, here's where we want to go eat

What we will try out for lunch and dinner between technology, social-proof ideas and a great desire to live new experiences. On the horizon also the search for healthy foods and superfoods

It's time to think about the year just passed between intense moments, challenges, joys and something that, if we go back, we would like to change. But it is also time for close the accounts with 2018 and project towards the coming year preparing for the news and changes he has in store for us. Also with regard to restaurants and clubs that we will choose to have lunch and dinner outside. According to "Eating out in 2019" report published by The Fork and Doxa, the trends that will guide our preferences are seven.

Video friendly

In recent years the sharing of culinary experiences on social networks has been one of the strengths of some restaurants. The creation of more and more scenographic, instagrammable dishes or responding to specific categories (just think of #foodporn) have changed many menus, in which the space for social appreciation has been created. It seems that glittery pizzas, spectacular cocktails and all the foods inspired by the trends of Instagram and Facebook will continue to be successful, but they will evolve as a function of being shared through video. We will therefore have to expect more and more dishes that invite us to interact or that are completed at the table itself to create a moment to be filmed and shared in the Stories.


One of the most appreciated resources by restaurants to improve their efficiency is technology. Drones for the delivery service, applications for internal use and dedicated to customers. In 2019 this tendency will become part of the experience as in the case of Robot.He, a robotic restaurant serving fresh fish. To prove it we have to go to Shanghai in the Alibaba Hema supermarket. Conveyor belts, a robotic arm and mobile carts handle almost all the work traditionally performed by the waiters, while a software system guides them using the QR codes sent by the customer. In this way the robot restaurant calculates seats, orders and payments through the Hema app.
Although this is an isolated case, it is the symbol of the increasingly technological offer of restaurants that will focus on drones and hyper-realistic AR menus.


We will require more and more transparency in terms of supply, food sources and methods of cultivation and processing. The large catering chains will be clearer about prices, but also about internal dynamics like salaries and company performance. They will implement more and more eco-initiatives (such as eliminating plastic straws) and small businesses will look for eco-friendly solutions for fight food waste. Even restaurants capable of creating menus with food leftovers will be born.


Which means without meat, animal derivatives, gluten-free, lactose-free. Every food choice or ethics, will meet the right offer both in specialized and dedicated restaurants and in the menus of all other catering outlets. An always greater one awareness of different needs, will lead to a structured offer to satisfy every type of customer.
And the beverage also fits, so much so that we start talking about vegan wines.


Amaze, have fun, create moments to remember. Also next year, every time we go out to eat, we will hunt for novelties, engaging gastronomic experiences and real activities proposed by restaurants. Narrative dinners, multisensory experiences, places that see the alternation of different chefs and theme restaurants. Among the most popular for 2019, those dedicated to TV series, superheroes and cartoons.


After the first wave of superfood appeared in the cards of all the restaurants that have accepted the trend, it is time to functional ingredients. These foods that prove to have positive effects on one or more functions of the organism will be included in dishes told and explained to customers, who will be able to select them according to the desired benefit. Among the most listed for 2019, the collagen for beauty, cannabis for relaxation and karkadè to relieve stress.


According to research, we will be more and more attentive to the ingredients used in the dishes and we will use the technology to learn more. Some applications will help us identify the places of production and the components of the food offered in order to inform us carefully, even on genetics. Vita Mojo, a chain of restaurants based in London, creates meals suitable for genetic code customer staff, through a partnership with the Canadian genetic analysis company DNAfit.

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