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Today is World Nutella Day

It is celebrated on February 5 for 12 years: it was launched by an American blogger, Sara Rosso, passionate about the hazelnut cream signed by Ferrero

What world would it be without Nutella? We have been asked so many times in the 90s, the commercials of the legendary chocolate cream gianduia signed Ferrero. But no one has ever managed to imagine it: Nutella is the gluttony that everyone recognizes, is the branded jar, is the Italian icon that breaks down all the class differences.

It was right to give her a party: the World Nutella Day it is celebrated today, 5 February, for the past 12 years. To found the first day dedicated to the hazelnut cream was American blogger Sara Rosso, in 2007. His love for Nutella has encouraged her to bring together all the other fans of the legendary Ferrero product to celebrate their passion on social media, through photos, recipes and messages. The World Nutella Day has become a global phenomenon, the day when we talk about Nutella at home, at work and at school, in off and online communities, with family and friends.

Hazelnuts, because cocoa was too expensive

Nutella was born in Alba. In the territories around the Piedmontese city, they are historically cultivated hazelnuts: Pietro Ferrero, who had opened a small pastry shop in the city, had decided to use them to make up for chocolate, when the taxes on the importation of cocoa beans discouraged the spread of conventional chocolate. In the 40s, Ferrero sold the first batch of his "Pasta Gianduiot", chocolate gianduia, the most local chocolate version. But it is at the beginning of the 60s that the "Spreadable Super Cream" turns into the myth: Michele Ferrero, Pietro's son, proposes it in glasses, perfecting the recipe and relaunching it with the name of Nutella, from "nut", hazelnut in English, and "ella", the Italian suffix that smells of softness and gluttony. April 30th 1964 the first jar leaves the Alba factory.

It weighs like the Empire State Building

It is the beginning of a history of unparalleled success: today production, beyond 400 thousand tons, it occupies eleven Ferrero plants all over the world, with employees in 97 countries. If all the jars sold in a year were lined up, the Great Wall of China would be covered 8 times, and the weight of Nutella produced annually is equal to that of the Empire State Building.

Nutella goes with a simple and good product like bread, helps to face the day («Energy to do and to think), looks for the complicity of mothers («The experience of mothers is always Nutella). And claims its genuineness, after the controversy raised for palm oil in its formula. It is without a doubt Ferrero's first line in terms of volumes, and contributes to the positive reputation of the Italian company, which is the one with the best reputation in the world in the ranking Global RepTrak 100.

And now, for Nutella, it's time to celebrate.

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