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166332We are almost there. Also this year we are almost at the final stages of the Tiramisu World Cup. The sweet most loved by Italians has a museum dedicated to him, millions of fans, and a "national" in full form. On November 3rd the verdict. You haven't signed up yet to participate with your unrepeatable tiramisu? Quiet: there is one more possibility.

178603The events took place on 21 and 22 September races of this competitive event that this year sees the field go down over 600 participants. THE "gourmet judges", chosen among the thousands of applications who arrived from the public to the organizers and selected from those who had obtained the highest score in the "tiramisu test", issued the first verdicts.

Armed with a teaspoon, they led to the last round, which will take place in Treviso on November 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 8 "athletes": 4 for the "original" category (the version more classic) and 4 for the "Creative" (with the possibility of replace the biscuit and add up to three ingredients).

178600In the first he stood out Marco Daniel, a student from Pordenone. Among the creative versions, instead, we have seen proposals for hazelnut cream (Vanessa Bear); scented coffee a Tonka Fava, pistachio and amaretti cream (Roberta Minisini); orange peels (Silvia Zanini); chopped almonds, macaroons and raspberries (Chiara Ongaro). Missing the call among the few semi-finalists more risqué suggestion, like those seen in past editions, such as tobacco, wasabi and Tropea onion.

There's still time. Because after the "Summer Selections" of Bibione and Venice (last June), they are still to be played "European Selections" of Brussels (11-14 October). Furthermore the 1 and 2 November in Treviso there will be a last chance to participate and disembark at Grand Final of November 3rd. Such as? Signing in!

For the Grand Final of 3 November in Treviso, with the semifinals in the morning and the final in the afternoon, there will be one jury of alone "insiders", including chefs, professionals and sector experts, pastry teachers – while in the Selections anyone can become a judge, precisely because tiramisu is the popular dessert for excellence.

178606Evaluation criteria I'm always 5: technical execution (for table organization, cleaning, ingredients management, executive capacity); aesthetic presentation (the appearance, the arrangement of the dish, the decorations and the final aesthetic pleasantness); gustatory intensity (the strength and the permanence in the mouth of the tasting); dish balance (the balance between the ingredients used); flavor and harmony (the pleasantness, intensity and harmony of the flavors, the right dosage of the ingredients).

The tiramisu is a real one global success: of the first edition of the championships, 3 years ago, hundreds of newspapers took up the news all over the world. To win the last edition of the world championships were two women: Diletta Scandiuzzi, a 34-year-old opera singer from Treviso, with the classic "best in the world" tiramisu. Francesca Piovesana, a 44-year-old physiotherapist from Casier, who created one with cinnamon and ginger Who will be the world champion / champion this year? One thing is certain: November 3rd does not end all!

178609Yes, because the 14 and 15 December will be held in Treviso Tiramisu World Cup Junior. The Little Chefs are the protagonists, kids from 8 to 13 years old who can compete for the title of World Champion. Register your Little Chef!

Ah, and as for the adults: Did you know that the champions fly to Brazil?

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Carola Traverso Saibante
October 2018
updated October 2019


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