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The company founded by the President of the Republic, and today carried out by the fourth generation of the family, signs a versatile red on the table and with an exceptional value for money

Luigi Einaudi did not come from a rich family; he made sacrifices and in 1909 he bought the San Giacomo estate in Dogliani, his mother's birthplace. Over the years, he managed to purchase other plots in the most suitable areas for the production of Dolcetto and then also of the Barolo. He managed his land in a modern way and with a great ethical sense he always thought of the well-being of the people who worked for him. The attachment to his peasant origins never failed, not even when he sat at the Quirinale as President of the Italian Republic, and succeeded in conveying his values ​​to the following generations as well: just think of the Einaudi family as one of the greatest Italian publishers, his son Giulio and a famous musician and composer, his nephew Ludovico.

Even when the numerous institutional commitments kept him away from his lands, a harvest never failed and he was the first to bottle the Dolcetto and make it known beyond the local borders; so it is not surprising that Poderi Luigi Einaudi was among the promoters of the long journey that in 2006 led to the birth of Docg Dogliani, to protect red wines produced in these areas with dolcetto grapes.

Today it is managed by Matteo Sardagna, the fourth generation of the family, and production has reached about 320,000 bottles a year. The most representative wine of home style remains the vintage Dogliani, a territorial red, very friendly to the table and offered with a quality-price ratio that has few rivals. Ruby red in color, it has aromas of red fruits and a cool, cool sip with an almond finish. It is so smooth and well done that it has conquered even the Americans: with the 2015 vintage it ranked 38th in the ranking of the 100 best wines in the world of the prestigious magazine Wine Spectator.

A visit to the winery is highly recommended not only to find the places that were dear to Luigi Einaudi and Cesare Pavese and to taste the Dogliani directly between the hills where it was born, but also because in the old family summer residence a relay which is a real haven of peace (and breakfast is unforgettable!).

Why now: it is a very friendly wine of the table and you will be able to combine it with seafood and mountain dishes.

As did: the grapes come from the vineyards of Madonna delle Grazie, San Luigi and San Giacomo. Ferments and refines in steel and cement.

To combine with: first courses with meat and cheese sauces; white meat and vitello tonnato; to try with the beccafico sardines.

Serve it at: 14-16 ° C

Price: 9 euros

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