The virtual sommelier arrives with the Combivino app – Italian Cuisine

The smartphone application that recommends the perfect wine or beer for one or more courses, so as not to miss a match both at home and in the restaurant

The time you wanted to make a good impression without asking the sommelier for advice, that Apulian turnip-based dinner to which they invited you and you wanted to bring the right wine, that delicious dish, but ruined by the wrong choice of wine or beer. It happens to all those who have not had the time or the desire to take a sommelier course, but would like to be infallible in the combination. This is why the app Combivino, the first application that combines food and wine or beer, has already achieved enormous success, achieving more than 10,000 downloads.

How the app works

Practically Combivino is a virtual sommelier. Just one click to download the application, free and entirely made in Italy, and start trying the combinations of food and wine or beer. There are 1500 foods or dishes that have already been surveyed by the experts put in place by Alessio Papasergio, creator of Combivino. Together with Federica Zevi she combined the dishes with 500 types of wine and with the help of Salvatore Cosenza and the Beer Taster Union, he also added to the bouquet 76 beer styles with the relative descriptions.


The game is simple: just enter the name of a dish or a main ingredient, the system therefore recommends a number of whites, reds, bubbles and craft beers. Based on what you prefer, you choose the one that comes closest to your tastes. IS there is no lack of desserts, which are combined with sweet wines and more, because there are also numerous combinations with beers that could amaze.

There is no shortage of "advanced" functions, from the Multiport combination to the Tasting option. In the first case, the application helps to find the right combination for a wine that supports the entire meal, for Tasting, however, the system conditions the choice of the second wine based on the first that has already been chosen by the user.

An example? Try to insert a menu based on carbonara and lamb, the typical Roman trattoria menu: here the virtual sommelier of Combivino responds with 4 types of bubbles, a sparkling red, an intense rosé, two whites and a red. To this are added also the technical data sheets, which help to better understand the matching criteria, as well as advice on the right glass for tasting both wine and beer. In short, it is enough to waste some time not only to learn the basics of pairing, but also to get a basic wine and beer culture, which will help in conversations and tastings.

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