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The villages of Italy are the most instagrammed in the world

Italy triumphs in first place in the ranking of the 20 most instagrammed villages in the world, but it is not the only surprise for our country …

Looking for inspiration for the next trip? If choosing a destination for holidays also depends on the beauty of the landscapes, the website has decided to facilitate the decision for the more social employees, drawing up a ranking of the most instagram sites in the world.
The research was done on small countries is villages, the most suitable places to plan an escape from everyday life, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and – for those who can't help it – post surprising photographs that will make all followers die of envy.

Italy on Instagram: the most instagrammable villages

There top 20, drawn up through the hashtag count collected on February 13, 2020, reserves a couple of surprises for us Italians (but we are not so surprised, after all). The first good news? First of all, we must not go too far to discover the most photographed villages on the planet: the 15% of the most instagrammed countries in the world is found in Italy, with almost 4 million hashtags. After all, Italy is one of the most loved countries abroad precisely because of its characteristic villages, unique places to breathe history, culture and beauty.

With the highest percentage of posts, we could only place ourselves in first place in the ranking. To win over all there are Five lands of Liguria, UNESCO World Heritage Sites thanks to the traditional and millennial lifestyle that allowed to establish a harmonious symbiosis between man and nature: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, five fishing villages that extend for about 10 kilometers coast, where sea and mountains merge together. And, of course, enjoy delicious seafood specialties. Research has counted well 2,049,711 hashtag for the Cinque Terre, but it is not the only surprise for Italy, which is the only country with three positions within the top 20.

In fourth place in the ranking is Burano, island of the Venice lagoon that has conquered more than 1 million photos on Instagram thanks to the colors of its picturesque houses, the craftsmanship of lace and the typical bureaus bussolai. In seventh place the trulli of Alberobello, in Puglia: it is not surprising that these ancient and iconic buildings, in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are so instagrammable as to earn a place in the ranking.

Trivia from the rest of the world

The other countries to obtain two places in the standings are France and England, but the most bizarre result concerns the eighth position in the top 20: Hobbiton, in New Zealand, is not a real village, but a movie set created specifically for The Lord of the Rings. Located in Matamata, a small town known for its agricultural production, it has become one of New Zealand's most visited tourist spots and, with almost 500,000 hashtags, the most instagrammed in the whole country.

In the gallery above, you can take a trip among all the 20 most posted villages on Instagram all over the world.

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