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The rules of the Neapolitan pastiera

This time we will not tell you the mistakes not to be made, but the rules to be respected (from pastry to the pan)

One of the best and most famous Italian desserts in the world is the Neapolitan pastiera.
At first glance it would seem like a simple tart, but the pastiera, if done well, is much more.
As with all traditional dishes there is no single recipe. Everyone has his own, the perfect one that never disappoints and which is obviously better than all the others.
Despite this, however, we can say that basic the process and ingredients are always the same and at least this is not discussed!

The recipe of the pastiera and the rules for preparing it

If you want to try your hand at preparing the pastiera, remember to follow these simple rules and then, if you don't already have your family recipe, use ours and let us know how it went.

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