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Make your dishes more exotic with coconut and the holidays will take another turn!

If on the beach screaming "Coccobello coconut" taken at attention, perhaps you are true lovers of this exotic fruit. That's why we thought to offer you some ideas to prepare some recipes both sweet and savory with this extraordinary ingredient.

Coconut popsicle recipes

Fresh coconut and dry coconut: differences

You must know that the fresh coconut it is not what arrives on our table, with its hard shell and hard, crunchy pulp. In reality, the freshly picked coconut is green and has a very fresh energizing and moisturizing water and a sweet and creamy pulp inside.
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To consume fresh coconut, just cut the shell and then insert a straw and a spoon inside to drink the water and eat the pulp. Unfortunately, this fruit hardly arrives on our tables because it must be harvested and consumed in a short time.
The coconut that we find more easily in supermarkets instead, is the dry coconut, the one that is broken with the hammer because it has a very hard shell and has inside a white to brown flesh to munch on.

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Coconut properties

The coconut is a natural tonic because rich in potassium and thanks to the presence of vitamins B and C it is useful in case of weakness, nervousness and urinary problems. It also has a significant satiating effect and can be used to reduce appetite when following a weight loss diet. Beware of quantities, though, because it is very caloric. The coconut milk it does not contain lactose, but it is rich in lauric acid which maintains good bone health. Coconut also has cellular regenerative properties and helps strengthen the immune system.

Coconut sugar

For some time it has been possible to find a very aromatic sugar on the market that is produced with coconut nectar. Coconut sugar is not obtained from the fruit, but from the palm tree and the fluid obtained is very sugary but is not to be confused with palm sugar, much less known in Italy.
To produce the coconut sugar, the flower of the coconut palm is engraved, to then collect the nectar which is then dried at fairly high temperatures until the water is completely eliminated.
Coconut sugar is rich in vitamins, has a relatively low glycemic index, does not contain preservatives and is not treated with chemicals.

Here are some if you are a coconut lover idea to use it in the kitchen!

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