The recipe for the perfect baked apple – Italian Cuisine

The recipe for the perfect baked apple

In the common imagination of gourmands, it is not up to par with other desserts. But perhaps you've never cooked it like this (for example with dried fruit and jams)

The cooked apple is an end to a meal sweet, light, delicate and easily digestible, but not for this no less tasty than many other desserts.
Preparing a good baked apple is very simple, but preparing an extraordinary one requires a little flair and creativity. Here are our tips.

Baked apple, grandmother's remedy

The baked apple is the ideal dessert for those who do not want to get heavy after meals, but still want something tasty. It is a surefire remedy for constipation because the apple has laxative properties, especially once cooked. Keep the peel if you use organic apples because it is rich in fiber. The baked apple is also a cure-all for fighting first symptoms of flu and colds because it is a comfort for the palate that warms, pampers and is easy to digest.

The fundamental ingredients

Apples are obviously the protagonists of this dish and must be not too big, sweet and ripe. Golden are ideal.
They must not be missing cinnamon to give an unmistakable aromatic note to this dessert, a little lemon juice, sugar and if you like raisins and nuts or other dried fruit.
Apples should always be cooked with a trickle of water which will form a delicious syrup with the sugar released by the fruit during cooking that will be used to complete the dish before serving.

In the pan

The cooked apple can be prepared in two ways.
It can be cooked in a pan with a little water or you can put in the oven for a few minutes until it becomes soft.
To cook it in a pan you have to cut it into wedges after having deprived it of the core and flavor it with sugar, cinnamon and cloves if you like them. Then just add a drizzle of water and a little lemon juice and cook while keeping the heat not too high. The flavor of the pan-cooked apple is however less intense than that cooked in the oven that's why we suggest the second cooking method.

Baked apple

The baked apple has nothing to envy to other desserts, especially if you use some organic apples of excellent quality while maintaining the peel.
To prepare it, simply remove the core with the appropriate tool or with a sharp knife, keeping the fruit intact externally. Arrange the apples inside a baking dish and season with lemon juice, sugar (preferably cane), cinnamon sticks or powder and a little water. They are cooked at 200 ° for about 30 minutes.
Alternatively, you can also cut the apples into wedges, but we assure you that the result will not be the same.
The baked apple goes served lukewarm and eaten with a knife and fork.

Here it is now in the tutorial 5 ideas to make your baked apples really delicious

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