The recipe for diplomatic cream – Italian Cuisine

The recipe for diplomatic cream

How to make the classic diplomatic cream following our basic recipe and the best desserts to taste it

How is diplomatic cream made? Simply combining two of the most classic pastry creams! Custard + Chantilly cream = diplomatic cream. Here's how to prepare it.

The recipe for diplomatic cream

Ingredients for making diplomatic cream

For the custard: 250 ml of whole milk, 50 g of sugar, 15 g of 00 flour, 2 yolks, the zest of an untreated lemon

200 ml of fresh cream, 20 g of icing sugar, half vanilla bean

How to make diplomatic cream

We said that the diplomatic cream comes from the combination of two great classic pastry creams. Chantilly cream and custard. To prepare it, let's start with the classic preparation of the custard.

To make the custard: heat the milk with the lemon peel, bringing it to the boiling point. In the meantime, work in a bowl sugar and egg yolks: add the sifted flour to this mixture and continue stirring until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Pour in the hot milk without the skins, stirring constantly and allow to cool to room temperature.

To make chantilly cream: whip the cold cream with the vanilla seeds in a container that you will have cooled and, when it is half-whipped, add the icing sugar. Assemble again well with the help of electric whips until you reach the desired result. The more the cream is whipped, the more your diplomatic cream will reach a light and airy consistency.

To make diplomatic cream: after making sure that the custard has cooled well, incorporate it into the chantilly cream with movements that always go from the bottom to the top so as not to disassemble it.

Diplomatic pastry cream

Diplomatic cream is one of our favorite creams because it lends itself to enrich many sweet recipes and goes well with many pastas. Ideal with shortcrust pastry, it also performs well with puff pastry and more classic bases such as sponge cake. Perfect for filling pastries such as cannoncini, cream puffs and tartlets, it is so good that we also love it on cakes. The additional idea to get the maximum freshness from this cream is to combine it with berries, strawberries or kiwis. The combination with dark chocolate is also very interesting, preferably flavored with lemon or orange peels.

Diplomatic cream is also good on its own

The sweet tooth will love it served with pancakes, but they can also use it to accompany leavened desserts such as brioches, panettone, Venetian blinds, doves. Then inspiration comes from eating, especially when it comes to spoon desserts. A simple and highly effective idea is to serve cups in which we alternate wet sponge cake with your favorite liqueur, diplomatic cream and black cherries. A dip in the legendary 80s that we always like.

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