The QUIZ on EGGS: how many do you know? – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

How much we love eggs, but how many do we really know? So here we are to propose a egg quiz of 10 multiple choice questions. Yes, because it’s easy to say boiled eggs, but exactly how many minutes do they need for perfect cooking? And what is a poached egg? And what does Christopher Columbus have to do with eggs?

Come on, jump on board and click below to have fun with our egg quiz because learning by playing is the best way!

Eggs, how we like them

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and can be cooked in many ways, but above all they are the key basic ingredient of cooking. From fresh pasta to mayonnaise, from cakes to fried foods, they are essential for cooking the best delicacies in the world. For example, we have collected over 50 egg-based recipes, do you want to try the goodness?

Not only that: an important ingredient also for those who prefer a savory breakfast, highly recommended by nutritionists to start the day with a healthy and good energy boost. Yes, because there has been a lot of talk about how many eggs you can eat per day, in fact the guidelines of the Italian Nutrition Society recommend the consumption of maximum 4 eggs per week. Recently, the most up-to-date studies have brought new evidence into focus and we are talking about one egg a day without associating it with the risk of diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases.

eat eggs every day
Is eating eggs every day bad for you? The dietician answers

Are eggs good for you or are they really bad for you? But above all: is it bad to eat eggs every day? The dietician answers all our questions on the topic

Be careful to choose eggs correctly

Certainly the fundamental detail to take into account is the quality of the eggs themselves. Make an informed purchase and choose to buy them from chicken farmers who let them scratch outdoors and feed spontaneously – like the Apulian reality of Giulio Apollonio’s Perfect Egg, for example.

Just read the code on eggs to be correctly informed about the origin:

  • 0 = egg organic from hens that scratch in the open air and feed on organic feed
  • 1 = egg from free-range hens
  • 2 = egg from hens raised on the ground but in closed buildings
  • 3 = egg from hens raised in closed cages

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