The playlist for cooking the biscuits and lemon cream cake – Italian Cuisine

The playlist for cooking the biscuits and lemon cream cake

The kitchen is a symphony of smells, colors and flavors. So, while we are on the stove, it is nice to listen to the music that we like and that matches with our recipe. Here is the soundtrack that will keep us company while we prepare the cake with biscuits and lemon cream

When you decide to make a dessert, it's always a wonderful day. That's why we chose Blasco to open the playlist that will be our soundtrack during the preparation of this solar Cookies cake and lemon cream. Okay, peering out of the window there is only the grayness of winter and the rain that falls as if there was no tomorrow. But the yellow of the lemons that we are cutting and the orange of the eggs that we mix with the sugar and the flour awaken our most beautiful memories: the glow of the summer and the warmth of the sun that descends from an increasingly blue sky. We can also hear the sound of the sea, a few steps away from us. And over there, on the horizon, maybe we also see a strange yellow submarine peeping out from the blue surface.

So, while we mix our compound on the stove for ten minutes, it will not be difficult to even imagine the warmth of the tropical countries; fantasize a trip to Mexico, among clouds, beaches and Aztec pyramids; or dream of our bright Italian south dancing the taranta. And then, handling the biscuits to be rolled out and crumbled, we unleash ourselves in small, quick little steps in the narrow confines of a few tiles in our kitchen. But for us, it's like dancing on the world!

What if it was a love triangle? Why not? Adam, Eve and the Cookies cake and lemons cream to act as a convict, as a trait d'union. After all, eros and throat are almost one thing, right? This is also told by the visionary Dante, who in his Inferno puts lustful and greedy ones next to each other (II and III circle). But do not worry: there is only winter out there, not hell, and some sins we can even give it to us, come on! For today, the motto is: free everyone!

Well, the cake is in front of us, in all its splendor. You just have to wait for it to cool. We look at you pleased and satisfied. And it does not matter if it did not come out perfect: for us it's beautiful, like every buckskin it's nice to mom soja. And then we raise our arms as a sign of victory and at the top of our lungs: "We are the champions, we are the champions …".

Listen to Spotify our playlist for cooking the Winter Cake!

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