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Once upon a time there were good and simple things. The mothers and grandmothers used to cook them for a snack or for breakfast. The cakes, those soft and very good to bite still warm, because waiting for them to cool down was really impossible. The biscuits, the shortbread biscuits that were starting to be eaten raw even though we were told not to.

A few ingredients that we have all seen dirty the kitchens to turn into something that still today has an unmistakable flavor: that of things done with love. And with a few, simple ingredients. The flour that dirty hands and aprons, eggs, butter, milk and sugar. The oven lit and in a short time an inebriating and unmistakable perfume: that of homemade biscuits.

Once upon a time, but if we look carefully there are still. Even among the supermarket shelves, in the midst of dozens and dozens of eye-catching packaging that try to get our attention. The secret to recognizing them? Read the labels and the list of ingredients. With one major rule: choose biscuits with less ingredients. Flour, eggs, butter, milk and sugar. Just like those we ate as children and smelled good, at home and in love. Only natural ingredients, no aroma and no ingredients whose meaning we do not know.

The Doria Semplicissimi biscuits

Like the Simple Dorias. Cookies with 100% natural ingredients, without added flavorings. An example? Honey biscuits, as good as those made at home. Only wheat flour, sugar, butter, fresh eggs, honey and a pinch of salt. A unique taste, delicate and delicious, without the need to add aromas. No preservatives, no GMOs or hydrogenated fats.

Or the cocoa biscuits, the ones we loved the most when we were children. Precisely with the same intense and delicious taste, thanks to fresh milk and cocoa. And for those who love the delicious taste of mixed flour, there are the Semplicissimi Doria with cereals, with a mix of wheat, oats, barley and buckwheat for a daily supply of fiber.

The wellness line

Short and totally natural list of ingredients also for the biscuits in the wellness line, dedicated to those who want to pay even more attention to health but without losing taste and naturalness. This is how oatmeal and cocoa beans are made, made with whole wheat flour, raw cane sugar, sunflower oil, whole oatmeal flour, fresh Italian milk and cocoa beans. And they are also high in fiber.
They are perfect for those who are attentive to their well-being: spelled and hazelnut biscuits, with 50% less saturated fat than the average of the best-selling biscuits* and source of fibers, also in the buckwheat and red fruits version.

The Simplest Doria crackers

Very few 100% natural ingredients even for the crackers of the Semplicissimi Doria line: malted barley flour and flour, sunflower oil, brewer's yeast, salt and olive extract, without flavorings, without colorings, without preservatives, without GMOs and without fats hydrogenated. In three versions all tasty, a source of fiber and 30% less saturated fat than the average of the best-selling crackers *: buckwheat and chia seeds, corn and quinoa seeds, black rice and flaxseed.

Goodness is a very simple thing, and to find it just read the labels at the supermarket carefully.

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