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The nutritional values ​​of mushrooms

They are rich in protein, fiber, mineral salts and nutrients that promote metabolism. But the alert must always be maximum

They represent a real mine of substances nutritive precious for metabolism and are rich in protein and of mineral salts. Be careful though: i mushrooms they are good and they do well, but excessive and too frequent consumption is not advisable due to the presence of micosina, a substance that can make them difficult to digest. That is why it would be better to keep them away from those suffering from liver diseases, kidney stones and children under three years.

Water and fiber

Although belonging to a very different family, from a nutritional point of view, mushrooms are cataloged among vegetables and vegetables. They are composed almost completely of water, with a negligible caloric intake (about 20 kilocalories per 100 grams), and are rich in fibers (which keep the intestines alive) and di protein plant. Moreover the mushrooms, both fresh and dried, contain good amounts of lipids, performing important immune and anti-inflammatory activities.

Rich in vitamins

There are also good doses of mushrooms in carbs and of vitamins. Among the most important, there is the vitamin TO, with its protective action on the mucous membranes, the B1 that protects the nervous tissue, the B2 and there B6, allies of the skin, and the vitamin C, which intervenes in the metabolism of cholesterol. Also present the vitamin D, which promotes the fixation of calcium in the bone tissue, the vitamin K, with its protective action on the wall of blood vessels, and the vitamin PP, important because it intervenes in cellular metabolism.

Mushrooms, friends of the heart

Among the mineral salts that abound in mushrooms is the selenium, precious for the health of our body because it is a part of the antioxidant enzymes responsible for protecting cells from the effects of free radicals. Present in good quantities too calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and silicon: important for bone formation and to fight osteoporosis. Thanks to potassium the mushrooms are friends of the heart, as this substance helps to regulate the heart rhythm, while it is about iron if it is also a food capable of increasing immune defenses and physical and mental resistance.

The most important rule

The final note on mushrooms is certainly the one to always keep in mind: le variety they are many, different in shape, color, length of the stem, hat size, taste but also in the dangerousness. Not all mushroom species are edible. The delicious porcino and the poisonous amanita are very different, so the most important rule when it comes to mushrooms is that first of all you need to know them.

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