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Discover the nutritional values ​​of green beans: beneficial effects and properties for a simple kitchen able to improve daily well-being

Also known as cornetto or tegolina, the string bean is tasty, versatile in the kitchen and rich in beneficial properties. Using it is easy, because it becomes the protagonist of salads and side dishes, but it is also good with pasta, risottos or soup. Let's discover the properties of green beans.

The nutritional values ​​of green beans

According to the values ​​in the tables of the Italian National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition, 100 g of cooked green beans provide 31 kcal. According to nutritional values in 100 g of raw beans there are 2.1 g of protein, 2.4 g of carbohydrates, for a total of 2.9 g of fiber. As usually happens with legumes, even in the case of green beans the food it is consumed after cooking. If you want to taste the natural beans you can steam them: combined with a portion of whole grains or with vegetables they are an ideal dish in a low-calorie diet. Green beans are excellent in salads, to be seasoned, warm, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and fresh onion, rich in purifying and disinfectant properties. Alternatively, stews can be enjoyed with tomato sauce.

undercooked green beansBeneficial properties of green beans

Easy to grow in the garden, they are sown in theearly spring, when the danger of the last frosts is over. Green beans are a valuable source of vitamins, especially in groups A and C, in addition to the important fiber content and mineral salts, including calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium. In 100 g of green beans we find 89 g of water. Poor calories, can be included in low-calorie regimens and in the diet of diabetics. The plant, whose scientific name is Phaseolus vulgaris, belongs to the Leguminosae family: it is consumed entirely, including the pod.

Wellness allies

Green beans have laxative properties; present aantioxidant action able to fight free radicals and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to the fiber content they help to reduce cholesterol levels, protect the mucous membranes of the colon and improve difficult digestion, alleviating disorders related to gastric reflux, constipation, hemorrhoids and ulcer. Perform a protective role for heart and arteries, preventing stroke and heart attack. The content of silicon, vitamin K and calcium present in green beans helps bone health.

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