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There is a place to (re) discover the flavors of Greece beyond the clichés. Here is the polytheistic cuisine of Vasiliki, the new Greek cuisine in the heart of Milan

We already know we are in the right place. With his words, Vasiliki Pierrakea manages to immediately transmit the great passion for his homeland. The Greek cuisine you bring to the table is not what you expect: just like Italian cuisine cannot be summed up with "pasta and pizza", even Greek cuisine conceals unpublished surprises beyond the pitagyros.

Originally from Kalamata, Vasiliki arrives in Italy to study at Bocconi, but shortly thereafter she decides that her greatest desire is to discover Greek cuisine in Milan in a completely new way. Following an experience of home cooking, in 2016 she becomes the warm hostess of her restaurant in Via Clusone 6, where she welcomes guests, tells her story and that of the new Greek cuisine. It is made of contamination, is classical in the ingredients, but modern in the desire to experiment, to go beyond the concept of trattoria and street food (and you can already notice it by the well-thought out design that perfectly meets the Milanese mood).

The new Greek cuisine in Milan: chef Elena Barbone and Vasiliki Pierrakea

Vasiliki talks about his cooking as polytheist, a kitchen where you can find the flavors of the world Balkan is Ottoman, through traditions and ingredients that characterize the multiple influences of Greek culture. Everything starts right from raw material: spices, like the cinnamon, the boukovo (spicy spice based on red peppers, typical of northern Greece and the northern Aegean islands), the vine leaf, the Kalamata olives, the Santorini beanthe bottarga and the Sardinians Trikalinos.

It's just the job of the spices to make a difference: these are used in different ways, whole or blended, as in the crumble with star anise and cloves present in one of the desserts, or through the marinating, used mainly for i dishes based on fish. The product-centered kitchen also has a rich selection of wines, coming exclusively from Greek vines, to discover a new world beyond the best known wines.

Culinary reveries

The custodian chef of Vasiliki's philosophy is from Bologna Eleonora Barbone, who enthusiastically accepted the challenge of trying new ingredients. It starts from the "Culinary Reveries", a cutting board with several seriously fantastic tastes: from the classic tzatziki a taramosalata (salted fish egg sauce, beetroot, basil), accompanied by Kalamata black olives with fresh oregano and pita, which comes directly from Greece. An appetizer that perfectly embodies the spirit of sharing which is in the DNA of Greece.

Santorinis bean, Kalamata Evo oil, Corinth raisins and ginger

There is no lack of iconic dishes, such as the moussaka with aubergines and light meat sauce, the savoury cake with cabbage, leek, trahanas and Sparta feta and the kolokithokeftedes, mint zucchini balls. Among the meat and fish dishes (which mainly comes from Sicily, a land that is closest to Hellenic flavors), the honey octopus cooked slowly in red wine, accompanied by caramelized onions and caper leaves from the island of Tinos, and i fried squid mint flavored. Do not miss the cheese selection, while among the desserts it conquers with its simplicity the dessert based on yogurt, honey and sandblasted walnuts.

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