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the new drink to take at the bar if you love cocoa

It is not an espresso and not even a chocolate, but a bit 'both things together. A cup of cocoa alone 19 calories

You are not a coffee lover and when others order it at the bar, you never know what to ask? This is the same thing that happened to Elena Luzi, founder of the startup Live Better, and producer of Chokkino, a drink that will make the head turn to those who adore the cocoa. Yes, because it is about first cocoa espresso in the world. A natural drink, made using only with 100% cocoa powder mixed with hot water.

Cocoa is a superfood

We often hear about the benefits that chocolate can give to those who consume it, and when it comes to cocoa in purity it's even better! In fact, cocoa is a real one superfood: food rich in antioxidants and magnesium, contains 20% of proteins and more than 30% of fibers. Without forgetting copper, potassium, manganese, zinc and iron … in short, a concentrate of good substances for our body, not by chance often called "food of the gods".

Chokkino: few calories and super taste

Chokkino is an alternative to coffee. We know that to the chocolate it does not yield often, because it is seen as a high-calorie cuddle suitable for winter afternoons. In this case, however, cocoa turns into a light drink, which only contains 19 calories and served in a small cup at the bar counter, just like a coffee. It gives energy, like espresso, but it has only 11 mg of caffeine (compared to 80 for a coffee and 32 for a Coca Cola). For this reason it is also good for i children and the pregnant women. Theobromine then, stimulating molecule contained in cocoa, has a gentle action on the nervous system and gives well-being for a long time. Chokkino is found in its different versions (long, spotted, Choppuccino, Chokkolatte, corrected, shaken or with a whipped cream curl) in many bars around Italy: on you find the one closest to you.

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