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The Neapolitan Babà becomes a cocktail

Here is the recipe for the Babà Punch, conceived by the bartender Salvatore D'Anna of the Historical Archive of Naples

Inspiration for a good cocktail it can come from anything. From a trip to an exotic destination, from a work of art, from a film seen in the cinema. But also from one's own city, and in particular from one of the desserts most famous of his tradition. It happened like this a Salvatore D’Anna, bar manager of theHistorical Archive of Naples, premium bar in the heart of the Vomero, which has designed the drink by meditating on a list of drinks inspired by the Bourbon culture and history of the Neapolitan metropolis. Babà Punch: a cocktail that, as one can easily guess from the name, takes its cue from Baba and from its famous bathes.

A toast to pastry

«I have always had a great admiration for the pastry and for the Neapolitan pastry chefs -, explains Salvatore D’Anna, who took his first steps behind the counter already in his teens, in the Milanese restaurant run by his family. – I seized the occasion and I tried to replicate the pleasure of tasting a rum baba in this punch. A few small adjustments here and there, for example to let sugar and citrus peel rest together, the choice of the mix of rum and the right type of tea, the use of the spices used to flavor the Neapolitan pastry desserts like the pisto, and the Babà Punch is ready .

Salvatore D'anna at the Naples Historical Archive

Naples in the glass

Enclosing the soul of a city with a thousand facets like Naples in a drink is no small feat. Because you need to find the right mix of bright colors, unmistakable aromas, intense and true flavors that are rooted in a rigorous tradition. Thus flipping through the drink archive of the Historical Archive we can find cocktails with names and ingredients that are more than curious, such as the piennolo, which winking at the famous tomato, combines Vodka with a Bloody Mary in a Mediterranean key; or like theEspresso Fizz, which celebrates Neapolitan love for the cup in a glass of light rum, coffee liqueur, sugar, lemon juice and espresso soda.

The Babà Punch recipe

"We must never force ourselves to look desperately for the links between tradition and a drink recipe," stresses D'Anna. – It is much more correct to note that the bar has always represented the mirror of society and the evolution of what is happening around us ". Here then is that his Babà Punch becomes at the same time a tribute to the sweet and one reflection on the partneopea scene linked to mixology. With a special dedication to all those bartenders who intend to carry the flag of good drinking, in the hope that one day even the art of drinks can find a stable place in the heart and traditions of Naples and its citizens.

Babà Punch

20 ml of Barbados rum
40 ml of Jamaican rum
45 ml of Oleo saccharum
15 ml of lime juice
15 ml of lemon juice
75 ml of spice tea

Serve with ice and citrus peel.

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