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Delicious sandwiches, rich and nutritious dishes and even some sweets: for those who go to the mountains the menu must be super!

Who has decided to spend his holidays in the mountains he will spend his time walking among the refuges, mountain biking, horseback riding, climbing: all outdoor activities, extremely expensive from an energy point of view. For this reason, the menu for the mountains it must be rich in nutrients, dried fruit and vitamins; but also some "sweetness", which will soon be disposed of! So meals rich in vitamins, sugars and proteins to have enough strength to use in sports and walks, starting from breakfast!

Bread, butter and jam to start

You always deny them the beautiful slices of bread filled with butter and jam homemade (maybe without added sugar). In the mountains, before facing an entire day outdoors, go-ahead for carbohydrates, for an energy boost from early morning. Alternatively fine fresh yogurt with the addition of cereals, dried fruit or mixed fruit salads made of many berries, which contain many anthocyanidins, a pigment useful in slowing down the tumor formations of the skin.

menu for the mountains
menu for the mountains

For lunch, rich and delicious sandwiches

Backpacking and all ready for the trip to the refuge: all day walking on the path and under the sun. In better than a nice sandwich for lunch, stuffed with carne salada, with typical salami, or with grilled vegetables and mountain cheeses. To drink fresh water flavored with lemon or centrifuged fruit and vegetables. Avoid alcohol that in the heat causes excessive dilation of the veins and can lead to collapse. Fruit, freeze-dried or dried, to conclude, before resuming the path of descent.

The snack with the dessert? Well deserved!

Once back at the base, shower and a healthy snack to make up for the energy spent. Fresh juices to rebalance the lost liquids, and then go ahead for a dessert, be it a slice of jam tart, a chocolate cake or one apple strudel. Don't let the anxiety of lurking calories take you: keep in mind that a 3-hour walk at altitude will make you burn almost 2000 calories. So rest assured!

At dinner delicious first courses or succulent second courses

Even for the third most important meal of the day let yourself be tempted by dishes that you would not normally eat except on special occasions! A day in the open air carrying out demanding physical activity made you consume more calories than you could imagine .. So take advantage of first courses of lasagna or second courses based on meat, such as a roast, a stew or even polenta with cheeses: the evening temperatures in the mountains allow it!

In the tutorial some suggestions for refueling for long walks

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