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the meaning of raw meat in dreams

Is dreaming of raw meat bad? This is not exactly the case: the meaning and interpretation of raw meat in dreams can vary depending on the context

Have you ever dreamed of raw meat and immediately thought that it was a harmful omen? Even if according to popular belief it is a negative sign, it is not exactly so. First of all the meat binds a lot to the sexual sphere, to physical drives and to the bond with the body. To understand how to interpret raw meat in dreams the right way, it is always necessary to keep in mind one's own experience he was born in context of the dream. For example, in the dream eating raw meat caused a feeling of disgust or pleasure?

What does it mean to dream of eating raw meat?

Dreaming of raw meat can reveal the need, incidentally, to satisfy the so-called pleasures of the flesh. See it or eat it and don't feel any discomfort, but on the contrary pleasure, symbolizes the satisfaction or need to satisfy one's instincts. Especially if there is so much meat or meat in the dream red, abundance and intense color represent a strong desire for contact, of passion is attraction.

If instead the vision or the tasting of raw meat provoked disorder, this could signal a trauma in the sexual field more than a bad omen.

Dream of raw meat

If even the meat had gone bad, the dream could hide a unsolved problem in the intimacy of a couple. To dream rotten raw meat could also refer to fears regarding health problems.

Dream of raw ground meat

If, on the other hand, you have dreamed of raw ground meat or even cutting and chopping it, this could hide a anger unexpressed towards someone. The need to prevail vigorously, to take control and power.

Dreaming of buying raw meat in the butcher shop

Dreaming of buying raw meat from the butcher may have something to do with a doubt or choice to make. The counter of the butcher shop full of different types of meat can represent the possibility that we have in front of us. Here comes the symbolism of animals: for example, dreaming pork meat it has to do with what the animal represents, such as wealth, abundance, greed or sexual instincts. There game it could represent adventure, sophistication and courage. The chicken it could instead refer to everyday life and a sense of security.

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And if it were only hunger or need to regain strength? Sometimes dreaming about food can simply be a response of our unconscious to the desire to eat something. After all, the beef tartare it is irresistible. Look below to satisfy your need for raw meat while in the gallery above you can find other meanings of food in dreams.

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