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We enter a glass of Margarita to discover its secrets with the tips and recipes of the bartender Cristian Bugiada and the precious Tequila Patrón

Consumption of tequila it grows more and more and not because of the salt and lemon tequila shots. The Margarita it is now one of the most loved cocktails, so much to win a day entirely dedicated: theInternational Margarita Day, which is celebrated on February 22nd.

There history of this cocktail is uncertain, but it seems that it was already drunk in the 30s in Mexico, in Tijuana bars. A few simple ingredients were enough to make it so famous: tequila, lime juice, triple sec and salt, on the edge of the iconic cup in the shape of a sombrero.

The link with his country of origin is deeply connected to the characteristics of the cocktail: on the occasion of the International Margarita Day we went deeper to discover its secrets, together with Tequila Patrón and the agave ambassador Cristian Boglie of La Punta, the first agaveria to have conquered Rome.

Cristian Boglie

Inside a Margarita

«Each element in Margarita has its own function: the tequila, gives strength and aroma, the orange liqueur adds sweetness and softness, the lime gives the prickly part. The salt instead it has two functions. The first is to retain liquids in the body, then give the possibility to drink more drinks without sweating. It is no coincidence that the cocktail was born where it is warmer and that is why in Mexico it is often served with ice and not necessarily in the classic cup. The second function of salt is to give flavor, enhancing the aromas and contrasting the acidity of the lime. With this equilibrium you can play according to your taste .

So what is the perfect Margarita recipe? Cristian replied that "balance depends on people, the recipe thus becomes a concept to be expressed on the basis of who has to drink the drink .

If Margarita is a concept, then it can transform itself by preserving its soul. Here are three recipes for preparing Margarita: classic in a cup, Patrón Classic Margarita and Tommy’s Margarita, which replaces the orange liqueur with the agave nectar.
Tequila? Strictly Patrón, the famous distillery founded in 1989 in Jalisco, Mexico, which has helped to change the perception of tequila as a poor quality drink, creating tequila ultra-premium 100% agave, prepared with the traditional method and the original recipe created by the master distiller Francisco Alcaraze.

Margarita: the bartender's recipe

45 ml Tequila Patrón Silver
30 ml Patrón Citrónge
22.5 ml of lime
Salt for the rind

Cool the cup for a few minutes with ice. Remove the ice from the glass and wet the edge with a slice of lime; turn it upside down on a saucer with salt and shake it to get rid of excess salt. Add all the ingredients in the shaker with ice, shake and strain into the cup. Garnish with a slice of lime and salt on the edge.

Patrón Classic Margarita

The classic Patrón Margarita on the rocks artisanal, refreshing thanks to the notes of fresh Silver agave and the citrus touch of Citrónge.

Margarita on The Rocks

35 ml Tequila Patrón Silver
15 ml Citrónge Orange liqueur
20 ml Fresh lime juice
15 ml sugar syrup
Kosher salt on the edge for garnish

Cool the rocks glass. Add all the ingredients in the shaker with ice, shake and strain into the glass. Garnish with a slice of lime and salt on the edge.

Tommy’s Margarita

50 ml Tequila Roca Patrón Reposado
30 ml Fresh lime juice
15 ml Agave nectar
Kosher salt and lime slice on the edge for garnish

Add all the ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake and filter in a rocks glass. Garnish with salt and lime on the edge.

Mexican appetizer

The relationship between Margarita and food is also closely related to Mexico. Cristian recommends sipping it in combination with tacos with avocado, black bean or a ceviche with mango, typically Mexican ingredients.

And the Frozen Margarita? It is ideal for serving cocktails to many people as it can be prepared in advance in large quantities, even for a house party (here is our special recipe).

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