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the map of Milan's stores (and not only)

The Municipality of Milan has created a platform to report in each district the shops that deliver necessities at home. And similar initiatives have also arisen in many other cities

With the outputs to limit as long as possible and long lines outside the supermarkets, do the shopping in these times of Coronavirus emergency it gets more and more complicated. So many small shops, a little to respond to customer needs, a little to meet the reduced flow of customers, have organized themselves with home delivery. But how do you know which activities can bring shopping home? The the municipality of Milan has recently made one georeferenced map which allows all Milanese citizens to know the small businesses in their neighborhoods who sell basic necessities and make door-to-door deliveries.

The map to avoid going out and enhancing the small shops

The goal of the project, created in collaboration with i Nine Municipalities of the City e Confcommercio Milan, with the support of the main ones Street Associations and Social Streets present in the city, is in continuous updating and the goal is yes to be able to buy basic necessities without leaving home and avoid gatherings and lines in front of shops, but also to enhance the neighborhood trade, the so-called shops under the house.

Home shopping safely: the rules

The Municipality recalled the rules for safety in the event of food delivery: compliance with the sanitation standards in packaging and transportation, theuse of gloves and masks during the delivery and maintenance of the distance of one meter among the people.

Milan and beyond

Also to Brescia an IT developer with the collaboration of the Action Aid Brescia group has created, a constantly updated map with the activities they deliver at home, from food to pharmacies. TO Bergamoinstead, three young people have created a non-profit app with the same purpose,
Home delivery is the analogous project born in turin from the University in collaboration with Ascom.
TO Varese and province was the newspaper Varese News to create an interactive graphic with all the reports of open businesses in the area.
TO Monza there is Monzaacasa.
TO Florence the site was born
And the examples don't end there!

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