The ice cream cone with 24 carat gold – Italian Cuisine

Gold to eat … on ice cream!

It is not the first time that gold is used in the kitchen, but for some time there has been an ice cream that is driving all New Yorkers crazy.

Matcha N ’More is a tiny Manhattan ice cream shop specializing in matcha tea: ice cream, drinks and confectionery based on the famous Japanese green tea. In addition to its unmistakable taste, the matcha is also very rich in antioxidants and beneficial properties for the body. But this ice cream is certainly not famous for its healthy properties: the cone is embellished with one edible gold leaf of 24 carats, a trend already widespread in Japan for some years.

Apparently the gold leaf it has no taste: it's just beautiful to photograph and post on Instagram. All in all, eating gold is not too expensive: 9 dollars.

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