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The best niche Italian gins arrive at home, together with everything you need to prepare the perfect home aperitif. Here is the project of three friends from Brescia dedicated to high quality spirits

There are many passions that the Italians have rediscovered during the quarantine weeks. There are those who remembered the satisfaction of homemade bread, those who dedicated themselves to perfecting new recipes in a gourmet key, those who practically obtained a sort of doctorate in sourdough and similar. And who, instead, preferred to devote himself to the world of cocktails, learning to appreciate, for example, all the quality that can be found in a gin niche.

It is precisely thinking of these new fans of high quality spirits, therefore, that a team of three friends from Brescia, made up of Alessio Maccione, Cesare Zavattaro and Sabrina Sinigaglia, thought of giving life to the project The Gin Way. Subtitle: the new way to drink gin. Yes, new, because it starts from that idea of ​​"all-inclusive kit delivered to your home for a sort of home do-it-yourself" that was so fashionable in the lockdown phase. Those who decide to subscribe to The Gin Way can in fact receive at home – throughout Italy, on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis – a box, containing a tricolor premium gin. But also tonics, garnish, snacks and various decorations to prepare a perfect one appetizer.

"The concept of Home Bar", Said Alessio Maccione, one of the three founders," which leads to making one's own small collection of bottles and then bringing out a particular one, or an unknown one, with friends at dinner at one's home, is a trend that is taking more and more power. In Europe and also in Italy. We are convinced it can be a nice game changer: both for customers looking for news and for producers, for whom it can be difficult to get noticed, know and above all taste .

In Italy, in fact, there are over 500 gin labels, most of which are not particularly well-known outside their production area. An example? Ginpiero, London Dry developed by Gianpiero Giuliano and produced in the Enrico Toro distillery of Tocco da Casauria, in the province of Pescara. A sincere gin, with an interesting spiciness, protagonist – together with a very special sanitizing gel with the scent of juniper berries – of one of the latest editions of the box signed by The Gin Way.

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