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Some alimony they have properties detergents and can be used as a substitute for normal products for sale on the market housecleaning. The news is practically 'scientific'.

167280Here are some of the common foods that we can use to solve in a way effective and ecological some household ailments.

The potatoes they are effective to remove the rust because the oxalic acid they contain, mixed with sodium bicarbonate, dissolves the iron oxides hydrated by the rust itself.

The Ketchup cleans thebrass, the copper and thesilver, Thanks to the action of natural tomato acid.

The peels of banana They can be used to cover scratches and marks on objects skin: rub the peel on the area to be treated and then wipe with a damp cloth. This happens thanks to potassium, also contained in shoe polish, which is absorbed slowly and covers scratches.

Ideal for signs on the wood, mayonnaise contains oils and proteins that improve the surface of tables and furniture, causing a reaction of movement of the wood that narrows the cracks on the surface. Also the oils of the Brazil nuts they are a delight that, if cut and rubbed, darken and cover the marks on wooden surfaces.

167283One of the most important parts of the kitchen, but often most neglected, is the fridge. There are in fact stored the foods we consume daily, and its cleanliness and hygiene are essential. But it often happens that bad smells form inside it. Experts claim that it is sufficient to put del grinded coffee in a closed container, with a perforated lid on the shelf of the fridge, to avoid this problem.

To remove the limestone, cut a grapefruit in half, sprinkle with salt and rub on the surface to be treated: the salt acts as an exfoliant while citric acid in grapefruit has cleaning effect.

For the cleaning of the toilet, the drinks of there they are a valid help, effective because they contain carbonate, citric and phosphoric that mixed, have an extraordinary action, so much so that many of these acids are contained in products on the market for household cleaning.

Here you find the table that summarizes all useful foods and their functions.

Patrizia Zanette
August 8, 2014
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October 2018

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