The first digital Vanity Fair Stage in collaboration with Magnum – Italian Cuisine

When was the last time you tried something for the first time? This is the theme of the first digital Vanity Fair stage organized in collaboration with magnum

Thursday 11 June at 18 there will be the first digital event of Vanity Fair, an appointment that opens the schedule of digital events planned by the magazine for the next few months. A Vanity Fair Stage organized in collaboration with Magnum, on the occasion of the launch of the new one Magnum Ruby.

To watch the live streaming, simply connect to, the totally customizable digital platform created to host the next Vanity Fair Stage events.

Vanity Fair, under the leadership of Simone Marchetti, is not just a newspaper but a network. A set of places in which to project experiences and personally involve the artists who populate the pages of the newspaper. From this idea was born Vanity Fair Stage, the format that every time involves new protagonists in the world of music, cinema, sport and entertainment.

The appointment in collaboration with Magnum will see the participation of a prestigious guest, interviewed by the editor of the newspaper Simone Marchetti and the deputy director Malcom Pagani. We will talk about personal, professional and first-time experiences, as well as visual and mental associations related to the pleasure of trying something for the first time.

Summer 2020 will be the season in which to experience an authentic first time and try a pleasure never experienced before: the one in which to taste the taste of Magnum Ruby, the ice cream whose ruby-colored chocolate will be told "live" by the chef Alberto Simionato, Director of the Barry Callebaut Academy in Milan.
A story of passion and chocolate, which will be followed by another moment of unusual taste. Chef Alberto Simionato will reveal some secrets and tips to better enjoy Magnum Ruby. When the tasting becomes an experience, making the taste buds of all connected users jingle.

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